City Hall Project Now Months Behind

City Hall

Completion of the $7 million window and cladding replacement has been pushed back to the end of the year according to city staff.

Originally, the project was to take a year by general contractor Cy Rheault Construction Ltd. of Timmins who began the work  in June of 2018. The project was to be completed by summer 2019.

It’s nowhere near done. / ONNtv reached out to the city for comment.  Our request for comment has not been answered as of yet.

We want to know, does this mean there’s a cost over run on the project? Will there be any new contractors brought in to assist with the project and if so, where are they from? Was any local contractors allowed to bid on the project?

To date, some glazing with waterproofing, membrane application and framing is complete on some of the floors.

CORRECTION: An employee working for Cy Rheault Construction Ltd. contacted to advise it was a sub-contractor hired by the firm which was terminated. Employees of Cy Rheault Construction Ltd. were on site as of today working on the project.



  1. please find the Lou Ann McNiece interview with the mayor from about a year ago.. Discussing the contract awarded for the city hall renovation.

  2. Couple of years ago I was in Ottawa for the May long weekend. I stayed with friends who lived in an older subdivision about the size of the p patch.
    This subdivision experienced a complete shave and repave in the 4 days while we were there.
    I could not believe how quickly and efficiently this project was completed. All I could think of was this would be an entire summer project had it been undertaken in the Sault.
    I commented as much to my friend who lived there all his life and he tells me highway bridges are replaced overnight as well. They’re built on rails next to the one to be replaced and then slid into place between 11 pm and 6 am.
    This type of project management will never occur in the Sault but…. we could do just a bit better at adhering to the schedule no?

  3. I’m honestly surprised no one has brought forth a class action lawsuit against the city for loss of infrastructure/misappropriation of funds.

    -Failing road surfaces on pretty much every road in ssm.
    -construction on Bruce that was supposed to last 30 days last summer is still ongoing as is in other areas.
    -Reduction in lanes on bay which make going to mall unbearable
    -this project will most certainly be over budget
    -fire chief

    Etc etc etc.

    Appalling. The city should be ashamed.

  4. Is it just my imagination, or does local government, and city planners seem to waste a lot of taxpayer money supporting out of town companies, and not often spend tax payer money wisely ?

  5. This is the same company that Screwed Sault College then our city accepted third bid (the lowest one) and now here we are ! But someone made out well 🤔

  6. Hope they had to pay a fine for failing to meet the completion date.
    The company doing Wellington west between St. Georges and the underpass should be fined too and finish that stretch of road. It’s been over a year !!

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