Federal election materials being shipped across country to prepare for campaign


OTTAWA — Canada’s chief electoral officer says Elections Canada will be ready for the fall federal campaign, whenever it is called.

The election date is set for Oct. 21, but the campaign could be officially started at any time from Sept. 1 until Sept. 15 — the last possible date to call it under federal law.

Stephane Perrault got a first-hand look at preparations today as he toured the Elections Canada distribution centre in Ottawa, where 33 trucks were being loaded with materials that will be sent to election returning offices across the country.

Perrault said leases have been signed to ensure those offices are open by Sept. 1.

Learning materials associated with elections are also being distributed from the warehouse to schools across the country.

Perrault said there has been a high demand for materials from Elections Canada by teachers who want their students to follow the campaign and learn about democracy in action.