Fire Services Issues Multiple Fines


Over the past few weeks, Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services Fire Prevention Officers have issued multiple fines resulting from Ontario Fire Code violations.

Failing to maintain or removing a smoke alarm from a dwelling can be a fatal hazard, while at the same time is also against the law. By not having proper fire protection in your home, the danger of being injured or killed in a fire drastically increases. “Smoke alarms need to be installed and maintained to ensure proper protection is in place,” said Public Education Officer Aaron Gravelle, “We would like to remind all citizens to take the time to check, install, and test all alarms in the home.”

The fines resulted from homes where a fire incident occurred. There was significant fire damage in each incident. Fortunately, there were no injuries to report.

Sault Fire Services would like to make the community aware that if circumstances were slightly different in each of these cases, the outcomes could have been much more tragic, due in large to these missing and improperly maintained smoke alarms