Gallery: Algoma U Welcomes Students During Move-In Day

Algoma U Move In Day 2019
Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

Summer is almost over, and that means it’s time for students to go back to school.

Algoma U welcomed new and returning students during Residence Move-In Day on Saturday.

This will be followed by Orientation Week activities all week long.

For a full list of these events, click here.


  1. Algoma U. Ranked near the bottom of Canadian universities. #74 out of all 96 universities in Canada. Also known as Last Chance U.

      • Twit, no it isn’t. Based on multiple factors – continuity of program, availability of programs, faculty, student ranking, operating budget; spending on student services; scholarships and bursaries; library expenses; and acquisitions, quantity of research programs, research grants, volume of published papers, etc etc. So, Twit, before you engage in overly defensive name calling, I suggest you do you due diligence & homework….Twit.

        • so a school of 1000 is supposed to have anywhere near the rank in those criteria that a school with 50,000. Of course not it depends on enrollment, that makes it a popularity ranking. What a thing to call it where these young people may read it when they might be starting a new life or career.

          • @Ed – there’s a reason the algoma student body is predominantly compromised of international students. If a prospective student is using a comment from a small online media source as the exclusionary reason to attend algoma then they definitely aren’t university material.

          • Ed – the mcclean’s ranking isn’t based on student popularity, and even if it was it’s still a valid good point. Algoma university began in 1965 and over the past 54 years there’s barely been any growth, meaning students have been choosing to go elsewhere. Why do you think that is? What does that tell you?

      • On the McClean’s ranking which is the definitive university ranking, Algoma U didn’t even make any rankings for several years.

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