Landscape artist of our Natural Spaces and Wild Places

Art has always been part of my life. I have been painting for over 40 years with a focus on landscapes in acrylics, watercolour, graphite and charcoal. Creating landscape art, especially of the wild Algoma region is my passion. Painting: Still Waters

Since the age of 10 Warren Peterson has been painting natural landscape, after 50 years, his artworks will be on display at L & D’s Art Gallery and Framing from Sept. 6 to Sept. 30, 2019. Everyone is free and welcomed to attend the exhibition.

“My first interest in art came from books on nature and how it was depicted throughout time. The science of nature fascinated me, to be it plants, clouds, space, it was all about wonder and curiosity. That still inspires me today,” says Peterson.

The Group of Seven has been Peterson’s main source of inspiration over the years, using mainly acrylics. “I found the Group of Seven in my early teens. Their story and fresh interpretation of the landscape was a very important part of my development. I am very inspired by their Algoma en plein air paintings and after having made the journey to the Agawa Canyon several times I can say that the immensity of our wilderness areas was conveyed very emotionally in paint by these artists,” says Peterson.

Warren is a teacher too. He teaches many different styles from abstract to impressionism, in the studio or en plein air. Warren is having a work shop during his exhibition on September 11th and the 18th from 6pm to 9pm. Any inquires about the workshop email [email protected].

Peterson has been a successful selling artist with work in many private collection, all over the world. His art is in Japan, across Canada, California, and Florida.

Peterson has shown at the Art Gallery of Algoma, The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, The Ethyl Curry Gallery, and at Art at The Dock in Hilton Beach over the last several years.
You can find him on the web at there, you can link to him on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Artist Statement

As a contemporary realist my paintings and drawings are “portraits” of a real moment in time that reflect my strong emotive response to the vast Canadian wilderness and natural places. The right motif provides a sense of time, place, light and space. I strive to connect the viewer with that inspirational moment in time, the grandness of our wilderness areas and serene beauty that nature provides.