Liberals dig up video of Scheer speaking against same-sex marriage


OTTAWA — The federal Liberals are urging Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to attend the Ottawa Pride parade after circulating a video of him speaking out against same-sex marriage during a debate in the House of Commons 15 years ago.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale tweeted a video of Scheer’s April 2005 speech opposing the Civil Marriage Act, which legalized same-sex marriage in Canada later that year.

In the speech, Scheer says that while same-sex partners can live together and love each other in lifelong, monogamous relationships, they could not really be considered married because they cannot have children in a “natural” way.

The majority of Conservative MPs voted against the bill, as did a number of Liberal MPs.

Scheer has softened his stance on same-sex marriage since then, supporting a move to erase the traditional definition of marriage from the Conservative Party of Canada’s policy book at its 2016 convention.

But the Conservative leader, whose office did not immediately respond to a request for comment, has declined to march in Pride parades.

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  1. That’s ok we are meant to be married man and woman !Not all these others man and man ,woman and woman !Not normal !We are living in a very broken world !Just sad times but God has it all figured out !😭😭🙏🙏

    • Jamie Milkovich both of them are facts Jay. People on both sides sometimes only read the headlines, it’s not just a liberal thing :P. Cmon I bet both of us do the same sometimes lol

    • Ryan Apnar if a headline captures my attention I’ll read the article if not I dont… But 99% of the time I won’t comment on something I haven’t read. I find this info amusing though cause Ralph Goodall didn’t support gay marriage 4 years prior to this video so it makes him a saint for supporting gay marriage 5 years before Andrew Scheer did ?

  2. Liberals are looking more and more desperate everyday. When you have to go back this far to find something that was not controversial at the time and is only moderately now, well it pretty much speaks for itself. And for the record, 32 Liberal members including Ralph Goodale voted AGAINST gay marriage in 2005. Good thing Trudeau is squeaky clean 🤪

    • Craig West well obviously you can’t comprehend what I wrote “When you have to go back this far to find something that was not controversial at the time and is only moderately now, well it pretty much speaks for itself. And for the record, 32 Liberal members including Ralph Goodale voted AGAINST gay marriage in 2005.” So that makes Ralphy a bigot too in your book? What about the 32 other Liberals?

    • Dave Ostrowski-Gallant I was polite in my question to you sir.

      I do not appreciate being told that I “can’t comprehend” what you said.

      I believe I am comprehending you just fine.

      Have a nice day.

    • Dave Ostrowski-Gallant To your question, yes I would put Goodale and anyone else who voted against gay marriage in the same boat that I’m putting Scheer. 100%.

      As for “that was fifteen years ago” I do not care. I am not a bigot. Five years ago I was not a bigot. Fifteen years ago I was not a bigot. As far back as I can remember I have never had a problem with people of race, sexuality, or gender identity.

      I don’t care how old this clip is.

      It clearly shows what kind of person Scheer is and I do not want such a person to be Prime Minister.

    • Craig West so in 15 years you haven’t change your views on any subject? Come on! That’s pretty closed minded. Times change and people change. He’s since stated that he supported a move to erase the traditional definition of marriage from the Conservative Party of Canada’s policy book but that’s not good enough because of something he said a decade and half ago.

    • Dave Ostrowski-Gallant sure, my opinion on small things changes all the time as new information presents itself. My opinion on big things also changes from time to time if enough evidence is presented.

      Human rights is not a small matter however. It’s one of the most fundamental things there is.

      Maybe Scheer did suddenly wake up a little while ago and say to himself “gee whiz, I was wrong about some people not deserving human rights.”

      However, if Scheer legitimately changed his thinking on this issue, he would have made a clear statement saying that he was wrong, apologizing for what he said, and doing what he could to be supportive of the gay community.

      Further to that, he has had every opportunity to join the other Federal leaders in a non-partisan fashion at events such as Pride.

      Singh, Trudeau and May have been out together to support the rights of gay Canadians at such events. Scheer makes a point of avoiding said events.

      Things like Pride are important to the gay community, and a leader marching has always been seen as an important symbol of support. Joe Clark for example always took part in Calgary’s Pride events.

      So I do not believe Scheer is anything but a stereotypical conservative bigot and I do not want to see him as PM.

    • “Stereotypical conservative bigot”, well there’s some open mindedness if I ever heard it.
      On a final note, this is never personal for me, it’s simply a debate. In this case we will just have to agree to disagree. Cheers.

    • Dave Ostrowski-Gallant I called him a stereotype because that’s how he’s behaving.

      His statements and speeches feel like badly connected and sadly typical cliched conservative talking points.

      I did not mean to suggest that every conservative is like that, but Scheer seems to be doing his best to prove he’s very much conservative status quo.

    • Dave Ostrowski-Gallant I would like to think every conservative is not the same.

      The evidence keeps suggesting that at least in terms of policy and ideology, unfortunately there is a pattern.

      I have voted at one time or another for a range of parties. I like some generally more than others but I’m not a card carrying member of any of them.

      I’m not sure who I’m voting for to be honest, but Scheer and Bernier are out for me.

    • Craig West I’ve voted for every party except the NDP at one time or another and will admit that I voted Liberal last election. Biggest mistake I ever made. I won’t go into detail on why, it’s a long list, suffice to say “Justin Trudeau is just not as advertised”. I honestly don’t care for that line but it is the truth. I mainly voted for him and the Liberals because of his promise for Proportional Representation and we all know how that turned out.
      Thanks for your honesty.

    • Matthew Frank Kot a gay conservative…the two don’t really go hand in hand. That essentially being ok having someone represent you that doesn’t believe you have the same rights as everyone else and that you are less worthy. Maybe you are confused and you are more NDP, but you don’t know it because Ontario does really have an established NDP presence?

    • Chris, this is not mature political discourse. Tracey is offering a viable alternative to two scandal-ridden parties and you chose to insult her? Stop being childish.

    • Tracey Drexler wow lol
      How white liberal of you. Anything else you would like to preach to the masses oh self righteous one?.😂
      Is there any other groups of people you’d like to critize for not thinking they way they are supposed to?

  3. OMG…it was 15 YEARS AGO!!! Give me a break!! Hasn’t just about EVERYONE changed their opinion/thought process regarding one issue or another in the last 15 YEARS?!! YES…they have! And so what if he has declined walking in the pride parade?!! This is such a last minute futile lame-ass attempt by the liberals to try and turn the rampant negative focus of of them and onto Scheer!!…LMAO!!!

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