Men twice as likely to smoke pot as women, Statistics Canada says


OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says Canadian men are almost twice as likely to use pot as women.

New data from the National Cannabis Survey today shows 16 per cent of Canadians over 15 years old report using pot in April, May or June.

That’s down slightly from 17.5 per cent in the first three months of the year.

The survey suggests Men are more likely to use pot daily or weekly than women, and are also more likely to use it for non-medicinal purposes.

About four in 10 marijuana users say they bought pot illegally.

Recreational marijuana became legal in Canada last October and Statistics Canada is tracking consumption habits every three months.

The Canadian Press


  1. Pot is not illegal you can grow your own. How much was squandered on this dumb survey? It could have fed and housed how many homeless??

  2. OR if you’re able to cut through the BS, the actual headline should read, “Men twice as likely to admit to smoking pot as women”. I know at least as many women as men who smoke pot.

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