Odie Finally Goes Home


The ordeal is over for a local  Sault Ste. Marie family and their dog, Odie.  Today, after spending the entire summer behind bars at the Sault Ste. Marie Humane Society, Odie was re-united with his family.

The story began in late June when Odie went missing from his family home in the west end of the city. Odie had chased away a bear that entered their property.  Unfortunately   , Odie got lost and was found by a motorist who took him to the Humane Society.


When Jenn Santana, Odie’s owner went to the Humane Society to claim him. The Management told Santana that they could not release the dog, as they believed the dog to be a pit bull.  Pit bulls are banned in Ontario. The Humane Society upheld the pit bull ban and refused to release the dog.

Santana has always claimed that Odie was a boxer mix.

After numerous court delays and not being able to see her dog for the entire summer, Odie is returning home to her owner Jenn Santana today.

“This has been the most overwhelming experience I feel so much gratitude for the community members that have supported us, for Bobby Russon who donated his time with Sarah Tucci with regards to the legal aspects being covered.” Santana told Sault Online.com. “ To the CKC judge Allen Bennet who despite being told he was dying took time to write as an expert witness to identify Odie as the boxer mix he is, it was his letter that provided the courts with the reasonable doubt.”

The dog has now been identified as a Boxer-Labrador – not a pit bull.

Santana must obey certain conditions, such as getting Odie fixed and to have him on leash at all times.

Santana said the Humane Society demanded that a third party pick up the dog. SaultOnline.com /ONNtv reached out to the Humane Society . No one was available to comment.

“When you look into his eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth” Santana said. “we are all laying on the couch healing our hearts for 65 days my family has missed our dog, the house isn’t the same without this goofy guy he is larger than life and the purest definition of love.”


  1. Awesome news, however.. should’ve never happened in the first place! It was utter B.S and should’ve been dealt with immediately, not after the media was notified.. Shockingly unjustifiable! I think if a few hundred angry letters to City Council members, the Mayor, Romano, and soon-to-be ex-MP Sheehan started piling up on their desks and filling up their email inboxes, we might start seeing some WELL-OVERDUE changes around here! For a family in this city to be treated like criminals, without an ounce of solid evidence supporting the H.S’s rush to judgement is absolutely atrocious! I cannot believe that NOT ONE person of authority stepped in and said anything to help this family out.. The H.S management probably thought they were going to get away with their actions and I’m glad they didn’t! I’ve had experience dealing with them in the past, and they don’t give “2-hoots” about any bond btw owner and pet.. Furthermore, for anyone who doesn’t know this.. if you happen to be stuck and in desperate need of assistance from the H.S’s to have a sick or suffering pet put down humanely at a local vet, they’ll have one of their animal control officer go to your home and make you sign the ownership of your pet over to them before they’ll lift one finger to help your pet in anyway, suffering or not.. And if that doesn’t anger you enough, then they REFUSE to let you be there at the Vet’s office for your pet’s final moments.. that’s the text-book definition of cruelty to me! I think they’re horrible people and they should all be removed from their positions!!

  2. The pit bull ban shouldn’t have been implemented. This is how mistakes happen. Odie doesn’t look like a pit bull.

  3. Its funny how they held this dog because of the breed but on Monday morning while out for a walk with my dog 3 pitbulls came out of a house and attacked my dog. She is okay but needed stitches. I called the Humane Society because it is not the first time that these dogs have managed to escape and its not the first time the Humane Society has been called on them. I was told that the driver will stop by and have a talk with them about keeping the dogs on their property and I probably shouldn’t walk that way anymore and that was it. That is all the response I got from them.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to you and your dog, Trish. Evidently, the Humane Society is too lazy to come out and pick up known problem dogs or have the police do so (since it is up to the police, not the Humane Society, to enforce the provincial law, I’m sure), but they abuse their power fully when a dog is delivered to them.

      • Sorry to hear that your dog was attacked. The owner should be held responsible for their dogs. The three dogs that attacked – are the actually American Pitbull Terriers? Or do they just fit a certain look and you are calling them Pitbulls? Remember that Pitbull is an umbrella term that is used too loosely. Odie fell victim to this term when he is NOT a Pitbull.

    • I am a xl pitbull owner myself and my boy is the best with people especially my 2 year old daughter. I am at a loss of words that the humane society is keeping dogs because they appear to be or are pitbulls. I cannot stress enough that pitbulls are not bad dogs. Everyone seems to forget that they were iconically known for being nanny dogs and watching over young children. No such thing as bad dogs just bad owners. If you look at statistics pitbulls barely make it to the list of dog bites. Number one believe it or not is a small family dog. At the end of the day i will stand behind my 110lb pit and say f**k BSL

  4. No wonder why people on the FB page lost and found pets are begging people NOT TO bring lost dogs to HS. No wonder why. I have absolutely have NO FAITH IN HS NOW OR EVER!!!

  5. This is not the first time that the SSM Humane Society has acted with great prejudice and even malice towards a dog and/or its owner. About 2 years ago, I adopted an adult rough collie from a breeder who was downsizing in S. Michigan. The day after I brought the dog home, I took him and my other collie out for a walk. Consider that the new boy was new to me, my home, SSM itself, my other dog, etc., and the following scenario will likely enrage you as much as it did me. While we were walking along Queen St., a transformer blew just ahead of us, with a loud sound similar to a shotgun going off, and plenty of sparks and sizzling. It startled me badly, and it certainly scared my new collie. He bolted with such force and so quickly that he jerked the leash right out of my hand. He galloped away from the transformer, and deviated from the sidewalk that we were on, to the roadway. Down Queen St. he went, along the shoulder, where all the weeds, brush, etc. is located. I tried my best to follow him but of course I was much slower and though I tried to trace, as best I could, where he ran to, asking folks along the way whether they’d seen him, he eventually got far enough ahead of me that I lost track of him. So, I went home and got the car and retraced the route, to no avail. I then went home, contacted the Humane Society, in case somebody turned him in, and even emailed them a photo of him so that if he arrived, they could identify him so that I could pick him up right away. I then felt that I had done all I could, and believe me, I was terrified that I would never see him again. I have had dogs (bred, trained for show & obedience, loved, cared for, etc. for over 45 years) for a long time. I know dogs and how they think pretty well by now. I waited at home and in about an hour the Humane Society called and said that they were pretty sure a dog that had just been turned in was mine. I drove up there right away. They brought my dog out from their holding ‘cell’ and informed me that I had to pay $180 to get him back. I was ASTOUNDED. My dog had been in their possession for less than an hour. They then proceeded to treat me as though I was a negligent owner because my dog’s coat was full of plant materials (well, OF COURSE IT WAS, he had just run about a km down Queen St.’s shoulder area in the east end). They were incredibly RUDE, THOUGHTLESS, lacking in compassion, not even sure that he WAS a collie (it seems breed MISidentification is one of their specialties), and refused to release my dog until I made the payment. I was on strike at the time, with NO INCOME. I had to wrangle with the nasty supervisor on duty that day to convince her that a show of compassion towards ME was warranted under the circumstances. She relented with bad humour and allowed me to take my dog home after paying 1/2 of the bill. I was absolutely LIVID with the Humane Society after this treatment and their aspersions towards me about being a negligent dog owner (which is so untrue as to be laughable). I completely and totally lost respect for these people, despite knowing that they have done good in the past. Now it seems that their only concern is exercising their power. Also, even though they are publicly funded by city monies, their board meetings do not have a public portion. In other words, none of their policies can be examined or discussed by the public, at a board meeting. This is not how a publicly funded organization should be operating. In this situation with Odie, they definitely overstepped their bounds, and refused to listen to the person who knows the dog best, the owner. SHAME on them.

  6. This whole terrible situation happened because someone at the humane society thought Odie was a pit bull, but they were wrong. Odie & family deserve at the very least an apology.

  7. People are so stupid .. a dog is a dog. They don’t publicize the abuse cases of these innocent pitbulls .. just how terrible and nasty they are. I learned a lot watching Pitbulls and Parolees .. these dogs treated so poorly and yet they wag their tails and want to love you. Human beings man .. like really? We got bigger dangers in this world than a breed of dog … like stupid narrow minded human beings let’s ban them. They had no right to refuse to return the dog. I’m glad she got him back.

  8. Jen u have been a inspiration w your fight to get your hero odie home,,,it was a real eye opener about how ruthless our human society is ,,i would put a animal in my garage before dropping one in their care, so happy our justice system released him home💖🐾🤩

  9. That was cruel what the “humane” society did. So what if Odie was a pit bull! It’s not the breed that are vicious, it’s the sick people who train them to fight. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pit_bull “…controlled studies have not identified this breed group as disproportionately dangerous.” Very happy to read that Odie has been reunited with his family!! Management of humane society…shame on you for causing so much stress for Odie and his family. Cruel to say the least.

  10. The humane society must be real proud of themselves. I’m very glad Odie is home where he belongs.The humane society does lots of really great things, this was definitely not one of them, it was handled very poorly, the humane society lost a lot of respect from the community for their callous actions, and when all was said and done they were wrong.

  11. I’m very disappointed with the HS asking for a 3rd party pick. Shame on you HS you had a chance to say that your sorry but didn’t. You lost my respect plus I’m sure others of the country.

  12. that humane society should be ASHAMED of itself – judging by a appearance which is ALWAYS subjective instead of looking at the dog’s actual personality and behaviour! Even if odie was part-pittie – if he was well behaved and sweet-natured, who cares! Pathetic excuse for a misnamed “humane” society.

  13. Allen Bennett is a wonderful person, and a true lover of dogs. bless him for what he has done to reunite this family.

  14. This is a perfect example where visual breed identification does not work! BSL does not work, it costs tax payers millions of dollars, rips family’s apart and murders dogs every year.
    BSL has to be abolished – no questions. Congratulations to your family for fighting against the odds and NOT giving up.

  15. Finally!!! ❤ That was just mean mean mean putting Odie through that … dogs go into depression too so sad 😢 And of course his family … very happy for them … 💞

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