Ontario restricting cellphone use in classrooms starting in November

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Ontario will be restricting the use of cellphones in classrooms starting in November.

The government had originally announced the ban earlier in the year, saying it would be in effect for the start of the school year.

A spokeswoman for Education Minister Stephen Lecce says the delay is to give school boards time to implement the restriction.

The directive says students can only use personal mobile devices during instructional time if it is for educational purposes, for health or medical purposes, or for special needs.

Some schools already have similar policies, but the directive sets a provincial standard.

The Progressive Conservatives had proposed such a ban in their platform during last year’s election campaign.


  1. What exactly do students need a phone for in school? The school should ban student phones on school property. If a student gets caught with a phone on school property the phone should be crushed and disposed of. No second chances. That’ll keep school more educational and social.

    • Then they should pick up the crushed phone pieces and put it into a juicer. The kids should be forced to drink the phone juice so that their kidneys can filter out any waste. After that make sure the toilet is flushed.

      • The juicer idea wouldn’t be good for the health of the students 2nd. Just crush and dispose of student phones, and then students would only be able to do bullying the old fashioned way on school property.

        No student phones on school property. Schools are social and educational places, and cell phones severely get in the way of those two things. If you want to look up facts then use a computer.

  2. Haha I remember there was only certain spots in the school where there was cellphone service and on break I’d take my LG and hold it up to the sky to send a text lmfao I thought this phone was the coolest ( C.A.S.S ) very rarely had cellphone range

  3. You go to school to learn not talk to a friend on the phone. There is no need for phones in the classroom unless an emergency which the teacher should be the one to take over the situation. Kids can’t even sit at a table and talk to their friends because they have their noses stuck in a phone which is ignorant!!! Think about it!!

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