Overdose Affects Every Single One of Us


Each year we lose thousands of people from drug overdose globally. Some survive but suffer a permanent injury, with devastating impact to their families and friends.

Sault Ste Marie is not immune. You may know friends and families affected and it may have happened to people around you. Tomorrow, it could happen to someone you love. This is not an invisible issue.

International Overdose Awareness Day provides an opportunity for us to reflect on practical ways to prevent overdose in our community. Overdose is preventable. Knowing the real facts about substance use and what to do when you see someone experiencing an overdose DOES save lives.

The Sault and Area Drug Strategy member agencies are playing our part to support the day with a memorial event in Clergue Park and walk along the Boardwalk on Thursday, August 29 from 1pm to about 2:30pm.

This commemorative walk recognizes how overdose affects every single one of us.  Please come to remember those we have lost to overdose in our area.  We will meet in Clergue Park near the Art Gallery of Algoma. If you choose to you can write the names of those you are walking to remember on the memorial board and then can take a frond and walk along the boardwalk, drop the frond in the river at a designated spot. We will then return to the park.

Please consider taking this opportunity to help the Sault remember and recognize the losses we have suffered. We hope to see you at our event.



  1. Sid Davison, you need to get yourself an education. It’s obvious that you haven’t got a clue when it comes to understanding addictions and where they can stem from. Your comment is cold hearted. You come across as a very angry person. Seems to me you’re the one that needs help. Get help or get lost!

    • I ,like the majority of people are sick and tired of this crap. Angry, yes I am. Here you are trying to defend people who CHOOSE to waste their lives overdosing with the expectation that there will always be people their to save the, Screw that. I say let them overdose and be gone. Sure it is sad for families but in the long run they will be better off. These addicts don’t want to be saved. They just want to continue doing their damn drugs. I’ve seen to many families destroyed by these addicts. I am a realist and if you don’t like that, move along.

        • You are entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to mine. If you disagree, it doesn’t bother me but to throw your nasty little comments in my direction is exactly what I would expect from a person such as yourself. Don’t agree, too bad. There are many more people out there who share my opinion, so in your tiny mind, that makes us all uneducated. Nice try bud.

  2. Hard to be sympathetic towards people who refuse to take responsibility for their choices and actions especially when they refuse to acknowledge the consequences.
    These addictions are just that, addictions. They are not illnesses as some like to say. Get help or get lost.
    Give them all the drugs they want to overdose and be done with them.

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