Police warn of ’emergency’ scam after mother conned out of $6,000

scam alert

PICTON, Ont. — Ontario Provincial Police are warning of an “emergency” scam that cost a mother from Picton, Ont., $6,000.

Police say the woman recently received a frantic phone call from a man claiming to be her son.

He told her he was in jail after a serious motor vehicle collision.

Police say the call was then turned over to someone claiming to be a lawyer.

The alleged lawyer told her to deposit $6,000 into an account to facilitate her son’s release.

After complying, the woman made contact with her son, who told he was not in trouble.


  1. Have to really talk to our parents about these things. My mother fell for something very similar a number of years back at about 82 yeas of age. Thankfully the bank teller intercepted and saved her from transferring the funds!

  2. What about the phone calls I have been getting about needing to refund the computer that I just bought because the company went bankrupt… and I haven’t purchased a new computer btw

  3. The gullible will believe anything. Before making a bad decision, check it out, in this case a simple call to the son would have saved the loss of money. People need to be more aware of what scams are current. Information can be easily checked on the internet. Trust no one.

  4. I can understand maybe someone getting confused if someone called and said their son was in jail or whatever…but having someone claiming to be your own kid and you believing them while your talking to them.. that’s a whole other story…

    • Aaron Morin the person who claimed to be my son was crying and sounded just like my son…but i mostly talked to the man who claimed was his lawyer…they are good…I’m not a gullible person and they had me believing

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