Rickford Brings Update on Ferrochrome Plant to The Sault

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Ontario’s Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines Greg Rickford was in Sault Ste. Marie on Tuesday to discuss updates on the Ring of Fire project, set to start production in 2025, with the completion of the ferrochrome plant set for 2028.

Noront Resources, a mining company based in Toronto, announced in May that the Sault would be home to the new Ferrochrome Production Facility, located on property at Algoma Steel. The plant will be used to process chrome orr deposits gathered from the Ring of Fire which will then be made into Ferrochrome to be sold in stainless steel markets in the U.S.

Rickford, along with Sault MPP Ross Romano and Noront Resources president and CEO Alan Coutts, held a press conference at Algoma Steel, where Coutts announced that Noront has signed memorandums of understanding with First Nations communities in the Ring of Fire area and is also in talks with Algoma Steel on the terms of the company’s tenancy for the construction and operation of the planned FPF which would be located adjacent to the steelmaking operation on Algoma Steel property.

“The signing of the agreement would result in Algoma receiving an equity position in the Noront project,” he said.

Algoma Steel CEO Michael McQuade explained that Noront will pay a tenancy fee for being on the steel plant’s property, helping the plant dollarize the value of their excess land.

“It’s good news for Algoma Steel,” he explained.

The construction of the FPF project will create approximately1,500 jobs, and the plant will employ around 300-500 people once it’s up and running.


  1. Benny Bones ,Why would you assume I work for hydro? What’s wrong with being a concerned citizen who doesn’t want more atrocious looking industrial crap ruining the environment further more? You probably don’t have kids , if so you Obviously dont care what kind of environment they grow up with. Money isn’t everything, been there done that. Mining jobs, construction, worked in a mill up north. Same shit. I would never take a pencil pushing job thankyou very much. Hahha people are angry with my comment , ok look at flints situation. Do you really dont care if that were to happen here some assholes in suits can cash in?

  2. Jai Michano you must work with hydro one to say that…. lol some people actually want some industrial good paying jobs in this town.. enjoy your paper pushing job while it lasts bro

  3. you guys have all missed the point!!! did you not notice the rare Romano sighting???? questions need to be answered, did he see his shadow…will there be 6 more weeks of summer…..this is epic people!!!

  4. Apparently the cancer rate is not high enough in the Sault already.
    If this materializes it will just prove to be another irresponsible move by this dumb city, one of the worst ever.

  5. Here, take a look at our great city. No, not that way. You’ll get used to the smell, don’t worry about that. They want to bring this here, to the waterfront? Are they silly? Oh yes, it’ll solve the problems of the homeless and addiction. It’ll bring work! It’ll draw people to the Soo. The day that happens, I’m out.

    • People need to access information about the proven health and environmental concerns that come with a Ferrochrome plant, there is tons of legitimate information, just do a google search.

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