Sault Gets Its Own Pot Store


The provincial government said today that Sault Ste Marie will have one of 42 cannabis stores in the province, with 13 in the city of Toronto, six going to the Greater Toronto Area, 11 in the west region, seven going to the east region, and in the north, one each in Kenora, North Bay, Thunder Bay and Timmins.

The Sault Ste. Marie store will be located at 317 Northern Ave. East.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario — which regulates the sector — held the province’s second cannabis store lottery yesterday and announced the results today.

The commission says it received more than 4,800 expressions of interest in the lottery.
Unlike the first lottery, applicants in the latest draw had to show that they had secured retail space that could be used as a store if they were selected, and that they had enough capital to open it.

The winners now have until Aug. 28 to complete an application to open a store that will be vetted by the AGCO.


  1. The present Store selection should not be approved by City Council—too close to an Elementary School and insufficient parking. Wellington Square Mall is a better location—lots of Parking and no schools nearby.

    • Near Schools: 
      A cannabis retail store cannot be located near a school or private school, as defined in the Education Act, if the proposed retail store is less than 150 metres away from the property line of the school or private school. This will be determined as follows:

      when the school or private school is the primary or only occupant of a building, 150 metres shall be measured from the property line of the property on which the school or private school is located. 
      When the school or private school is not the primary or only occupant of a building, 150 meters shall be measured from the boundary of any space occupied by the school or private school within the building.
      (The above rules do not apply if the private school is located on a reserve or if the private school only offers classes through the Internet.)

      Please refer to the Education Act for further details and definitions on what is considered a school or private school.

      ☺ 150m. If you’ve ever been to a government pot store you’d know how impossible it would be for an under age child especially one of elementary school age to pass the security check point???? Lol it’s laughable that people are concerned about children getting for a legitimate source that’s double the black market price. If you’re going to buy cannabis under age you will most likely aqui te from the black market. In fact, most people still choose to support the black market/grey area because we do not support monopolizing an entire market and that’s what the government has done here.

  2. Until they drop the greed and charge five or six dollars a gram it won’t make much difference. People will just continue to grow their own or buy it substantially cheaper elsewhere.

    • And to think how sad it is that this is one of the better streets. The majority of the streets in this city are deplorable and a huge embarrassment to all but that’s what happens when you have a backwards city council that ignored them for forty years.

  3. next to the PeeWee, across from the library, next to a school and a community college on an ambulance route-life just not get any better!

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