Spina Launches Campaign Office


Spina supporters filled 109 Queen St. E. on Friday afternoon as the Conservative candidate, joined by Durham MP and former Minister of Veterans Affairs Erin O’Toole, cut the ribbon to launch the opening of his campaign office.

Spina told SaultOnline one of the issues he’s focusing on during this campaign is affordability.

“Over the past couple of months I’ve had the chance to talk to literally thousands of people here in Sault Ste. Marie, and there’s one thing I’ve learned – and it’s one thing I know really, really well – is that each person has told me that they find life more unaffordable, that they’re finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet since the Trudeau Liberals took over a few short years ago here in Canada,” he said.

“They’re ready for a government that’s going to live within its means and they’re ready for a government that is going to put money back in their pockets and make life more affordable for them, and that’s what we’re about – helping residents of Sault Ste. Marie and helping Canada get ahead.”

Spina said other issues brought to his attention have been integrity (in regards to the SNC Lavalin affair) and the environment/carbon tax.

O’Toole told SaultOnline one of the reasons he urged Spina to run in this election was because of how actively involved he’s been in the community.

“Sonny Spina is one of our star candidates across Canada,” he said.

“I met Sonny several years ago and I urged him to run – I served in the military, he’s a police officer, and literally in the last decade, there’s been almost nobody in Sault Ste. Marie who’s been involved in as many charitable causes, fundraising events, not only does he wear a uniform in service, but he’s got a heart that’s all about Sault Ste. Marie, so that’s the candidate we’d like to be the MP in Ottawa.”

O’Toole, who has family in the Sault, said he sees how proud and hardworking Saultites are and how underrepresented they are in Ottawa. He said the Conservatives think Spina will be able to give Saulties that voice.

“Sonny is the face of Sault Ste. Marie – someone who’s been helping people in need for years, keeping the community safe – he will be a huge champion. Andrew Scheer and our entire team really recruited Sonny, so he’s one of our stars and we’re here to support him.”

Both Spina and O’Toole told supporters they want to end the reckless spending of the Liberals, with O’Toole telling voters to watch out for broken promises made by the Trudeau Government in the weeks leading to the election.

β€œHe promised to be all things to all people,” he said, “but, I think a lot of Canadians have lost trust in Justin Trudeau.

You don’t vote where you can vote Justin Trudeau out, but you can vote in somebody who lives and bleeds Sault Ste. Marie, who has a passion and commitment to the people here, who will be an honest voice with integrity, your next MP, Sonny Spina.”

The federal election takes place on Oct. 21 of this year. Stay tuned to SaultOnline and ONNtv for more coverage.


  1. Trying yo find a phone number for our office

    411 does not have one

    Want to mention a few items to you


  2. I wonder if FRANK FATA is still happy with his choice of Cons for Ontario. It seems things are not going that well FRANK…yet…you want us to believe they will be great at the national level?

  3. Justin kept the most important promise and legalized it…As long as that vote shows up again he’s a shoe in. Last election Liberals were way behind in the polls, but pot heads; for the most part, don’t participate in polls and that’s almost 20% of voters. He still has the best hair. He represents Canada well internationally…Got my vote again. Folks, Frank Fata is a fool.

  4. At some point the PC redderick will have to be more then buzz words and catch phrases. Spina should try and explain what this party will do if they get in.

    • How can anyone, with any semblance of rational thinking and just plain old common sense, look at the simpleton personality of this prime minister and not criticize what he has done to this proud Country in 4 short years. junior gave away $4 Billion tax dollars to special interest groups, outside our borders in his 1st 100 days in office. No one seems to care. junior broke the law, not once but twice, defending criminal behavior by a corrupt Quebec company, only to save his seat and many of his misfit mps. No one seems to care. junior has been an embarrassment, both in Canada and outside our Country. ie mr. dress-up goes to India trip. Under this pompous pm, Canadian investors are not investing in Canada. Outside companies are not coming to Canada to invest. This pm bought a privately run oil pipeline for $4.5 Billion of your tax dollars, but no one cares. On the international stage, junior can’t deal with China to release 2 innocent Canadians in captivity and needs Trump & any Country who will help junior to get them released. trudeau’s blunders, his gaffs, his arrogance, his temper, his lies about what other parties will do if elected. junior is all fake news, fear mongering, temper tantrums, junior’s fake feminist agenda, junior’s heavy dialogue on abortion and the lgbtq community, only trying to change the channel on criminal issues like the snc Lavalin disaster, firing 2 high profile female MPs because they wouldn’t do as he demanded. Folks, it’s truly amazing how so many don’t seem to care about the true realities of this pompous pm. Many are fine with the direction this Country is going. This Country has never been as divided as it is now, under this guy. But, not enough people seem to care. Good luck to all Canadians as we are surely walking into the abyss if junior gets elected for 4 more tumultuous years.

  5. Respect Sonny’s community involvement. No way will I vote for such a painfully regressive party though.

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