Summer Is Coming To an End, You Know What That Means


With summer break coming to an end, local students will be heading back to school. School zones will soon become busy areas. Buses, pedestrians, cyclists, crossing guards and of course children will be travelling to and from school.

We encourage all motorists to use caution while travelling in school zones, especially during the first few weeks of the new school year. Returning to school can be an exciting time for kids and they may not always be paying attention to traffic.

Everyone please remember;

Everyone is required to share the road and we all need to pay particular attention to stopped school buses throughout the school year.

The minimum fine for failing to stop for a stopped school bus is $490 and six demerit points
Children must be taught to travel to school using a safe route. Parents, guardians and teachers, please discuss road safety with children in your life.

Traffic flow and rules are often difficult for children to understand, especially that vehicles travel in a variety of directions at intersections. It is important to show children how to cross a road in a safe manner and to obey traffic signals and listen to crossing guards.

All of us play a role in maintaining safety on the roads in our community. Whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist or a motorist, we urge you to be vigilant and to obey the rules of the road so we can keep our children safe. We wish everyone a safe and happy 2019-2020 school year.


  1. According to my calendar…summer has a few weeks to go. Let’s not rush into fall.Think WARMTH for a few more weeks.

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