Traffic Woes On Great Northern


If  you  use Great Northern Road for your daily commute, you may want to change your plans for the next few days.

Road construction on McNabb from Great Northern road west to St. Georges Ave started in May of this year.

Now construction has spread into the intersection creating a bottleneck at one of the busiest intersections in the city.

Expect long lines south bound as the lanes have been reduced to one south bound toward downtown at the intersection.

Construction is expected to last until the end of October for the reconstruction of McNabb st.


  1. If the city does no road work……people complain.

    If the city DOES road work….people complain.

    The season is very short to get road work done. My only complaint would be that they could have done a better job of warning drivers regarding the Great Northern situation. Once you are stuck in the line it is difficult to get out. If we had some advance notice and detour signs there are plenty of other routes we could take to avoid the jam up.

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