Witness Says Driver Purposely Ran Over Flock of Birds


Two or more Canadian Geese were killed by a motorist on Wallace Terrace Monday evening according to the facebook page, SooSleuths.

It’s  alleged that a driver of a pick up truck purposely sped up and drove through a flock of geese crossing the road near the entrance to Tenaris Tubes on Wallace Terrace.

According to the post , two birds were killed and another injured and left on the side of the road.  Sault Ste. Marie Police were called to the scene, however they say they can’t confirm if the birds were geese.

City Police tells us, “there is no information at this time suggesting there was any malicious intent.”

City Police say it wasn’t a flock of birds but rather one or two birds.

According to Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry  Canada Geese are protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act a fine of at least a  $1,000 can be imposed if found guilty of purposely running over the birds with vehicles.

SaultOnline.com /ONNtv will update this story when more information becomes available.


  1. It was on purpose the guy in the truck hit the brakes and then going to through the geese as I was stopped in the middle lane with a few cars behind me also stop in the four-way splashing and when he came to an almost complete stop there was a car parked beside him with her flashers on she was heading east . And yes they were geese it was not hard to tell what type of bird they were

  2. I was stopped with my four ways on as were 3-4 other vehicles! He plowed through purposely! It was unbearable to see! It was a flock of geese crossing the road, @ 9:10 ish pm. But at the scene 1 died and other 2 were seriously injured. Perhaps the injured ones also passed.

  3. Disgusting…. they try Cross multiple times a day. Anyone who lives in the area is perfectly aware of the probability of geese on the road. They don’t move quickly, so not slowing down when approaching them will NOT cause them to scatter. Dumbasses! I hope someone can help identify them.

    • They don’t attack humans because people run them down. All geese are territorial but Canadian Geese are so much more so. It’s part of their nature to protect their territory and other members of their flock. The ganders are usually the ones that defend themselves while the females take the younger ones away. That’s why only some hiss and advance and the others move away.

  4. I have a dash cam video of a white vehicle speeding up at a goose which I stopped for on Wallace. I continued driving this white car sped up and I did NOT see the goose after in my rear view mirror.

    I’ll get that video after work.

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