Algoma University School of Life Sciences and the Environment Plant Trees on Sault Ste. Marie Campus


Representatives from the Algoma University School of Life Sciences and the Environment, along with staff, students and faculty, braved the elements yesterday, planting a host of trees on the university’s campus in Sault Ste. Marie.

Approximately eighty-five trees of more than 10 species including white & red pine, spruce and cedar were planted across campus, contributing to the biodiversity and beauty on the Algoma University campus. These trees were planted in an effort to beautify the campus, increase biodiversity, mitigate the effects of climate change and emphasize the connectedness with our past and this sacred site while contributing to overall campus beautification.

“We want Algoma’s campus to reflect the natural and historically important beauty of this northern landscape in a way that educates and inspires our students,” shared  Dr. Brandon Schamp, Head of the School of Life Sciences and the Environment. “By planting trees, we can also contribute to a global tree-planting effort focused on slowing the effects of global climate change.”

Algoma University is working to ensure that there is a higher frequency of native tree species represented on the traditional lands on which the campus is located while working to diversify Algoma’s campus in a way that builds a beautiful outdoor classroom. Some of the tree species planted were present in this area during different climatic periods and should flourish here as the area gets warmer over time.