Another Collision at Gore and Albert St.


One person was taken to hospital with unknown injuries following a two vehicle crash at Albert St and Gore St around 9:50am Wednesday morning.

A black truck was eastbound on Albert St. when it crashed with a small passenger car traveling north on Gore Street.  The impact from the truck caused the vehicle to completely turn around. The car sustained major damage.

Numerous collisions have been reported at the intersection since the city removed traffic lights on Albert St about two years ago.

Sault Ste. Marie Police, Fire Services and EMS were dispatched to the accident scene.


  1. Can we start blaming the people NOT STOPPING FOR THE STOP SIGN and STOP blaming city council? They took it down put up a stop sign if you as a driver cant adapt to this change give your license back.

  2. How flippin’ big do the pavement signs and stop signs have to be? You don’t need traffic lights there. You need drivers to pay attention to the signs. Those that demand the lights be replaced should just shut up about it.

  3. This has nothing to do with the city OR the removal of the stop lights. It’s people not obeying the stop sign. Plain and simple. What do people do when they’re out of town and aren’t aware of traffic signals? They watch! Drivers need to start paying attention and focusing on the road and signals. Period.

  4. Gee, Walmart closed , I wonder how many are still driving there .. LOL, when something changes, you just change your habit also… stop at the dam stop sign… I wonder if every single accident is because that person didn’t know there was a stop sign,, just curious. I don’t understand the logic,, what are these people thinking,,,” oh look, there’s no light anymore, I guess I can go straight thru” and not even look for a stop sign.. hmm

  5. There are all kinds of collisions at intersections that have lights wasn’t there one at wellington and bruce recently. Stop blaming the city and the lights the driver is the only one responsible for this collision. I agree that less parking would help but some one put a tree there and that is the dumbest idea yet because it is a distraction.

  6. All laws are made to protect people. All traffic rules are made to protect people. If the lights protected the citizens of our city, well put them back up. I agree with Jim Sweezey, staff at city hall are pigheaded and stubborn and don’t want to admit that they made a mistake. The lady in the car was taken to SAH with a neck brace and the total cost of the damages to both cars is more than the cost of replacing the lights.

  7. First of all, Albert street should merge into one lane between Andrew street and Gore street. Cars stopped side by side waiting for Gore to be clear is insane especially when your blocked by a larger vehicle. Second, there should be no parking on the West side of Gore on the Northern half of Gore between Queen street and Albert street. Any cars parked here reduce your visibility greatly and contributes to the danger at this intersection. Third but not least, there should be a traffic camera looking at the intersection, facing the oncoming traffic on Albert street to catch all those dumb a*# drivers who keep blowing the stop sign and failing to follow the rules of the road. Penalties need to be significant for the first infraction and repeat offenders have their cars impounded for a couple months and have their drivers licenses revoked. I’ve read it more times than I can count, the reason for all these accidents isn’t that the traffic light was removed, people are just in a hurry to get nowhere and some shouldn’t be driving at all. There is no such thing as an accident. Everything is avoidable. You just need people with good judgment who uses their brain a little.

    • Maybe if people would read signs and pay attention when they are driving this stuff wouldnt happen. They even have a sign telling you theres a new stop sign ahead.

  8. Stupid idea to get rid of the traffic lights. This is one of the main streets that tourists come to off the International bridge. Put up a flashing stop sign like the one by the Casino

  9. How much is the city saving each year but removing those lights? I bet it’s not nearly as economical as they were expecting, once accident cleanup, police time, and funerals are accounted for.

    • 2 stop signs with this post things to boot! People not paying attention and/or just don’t care. Drive around downtown nighttime and you’ll see them all just go right on through the red lights

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