Canada’s NDP releasing their Northern Ontario platform


Sara McCleary, the NDP Candidate for Sault Ste. Marie, along with all the other Northern Ontario NDP candidates, are happy to share the NDP’s commitments to Northern Ontarians.

“It’s time for Sault Ste. Marie to be represented by someone who actually understands what life is like for the average working class family in the North rather than Liberals and Conservatives with their eyes always fixed on large urban centres while they work for the well-connected. I want to fight for us, to bring the NDP’s vision for a brighter, more affordable and sustainable future to Sault Ste. Marie.” said McCleary.

“Northern Ontario has a long-standing history of electing New Democrats to defend workers and families in our region.  The North is always the first place to be hit when there are cuts and having a seat at the government’s table never gave us the edge we needed.  I’m here to pursue the NDP heritage of defending essential services and advocate for our region.” added McCleary.

Justin Trudeau has given Northerners four years of pretty words and empty promises. And we can’t afford Scheer’s Conservative cuts. The NDP has a plan to:

  • Put reconciliation with First Nations at the heart of our work;
  • Make prescription drugs free;
  • Create good, sustainable jobs and give our young people more reasons to stay;
  • Help families make rent with a $5,000 rental benefit and a plan to build 500,000 new affordable homes;
  • Strengthen public services that we all depend on like reliable train service and health care;
  • Protect the environment and fight climate change.

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