Bawating Urban Indigenous Hub and Housing Development Proposed for Gateway Site


First Nations Organizations are coming together to build a $40 million dollar project on the 15 acre waterfront “Gateway Site”

The plan was unveiled at an information session for media Thursday at the Civic Centre.

The plan will go before council on Monday night for approval.

Green space, apartment buildings and cultural centres are all part of the mix planned for the site located adjacent to the Gateway Casino and the Canal District.

The plan calls for 120 apartment units between two highrise towers.

The development represents an initial investment of $40 million with the potential of additional expansion.


  1. It will be nice just to have someone paying taxes on the land let alone someone actually occupying it. That patch of grass has been vacant my entire life. anybody complaining that didn’t buy it themselves should probably just shut their mouth

  2. Been in the Soo for 40 years now, and this has got to be the stupidest idea I have seen since I’ve been here… Not only is it a terrible waste of waterfront property, it is also discriminatory. Spend the money to clean up the site and then build something for ALL to enjoy, not just a certain segment of society…..Wow !!!!

  3. Oh yea. Good use of tax dollars. What does work out for price per each unit? And I can just imagine what condition they will be in after about 2 years of occupancy. Close to the Casino, though, I guess…

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