City to Look Into Changing Recycling Pick Up


City Council will be asked to look into recycling pickup days during Monday evening’s meeting.

This potential change in days would mitigate concerns about driveway space during the winter months after the City rolled out their green bin garbage collection initiative in July.

“In some situations, space may be an issue, in particular, in winter months with snow accumulation affecting the width of resident’s driveways,” a report in the Council agenda states.

“In other cases, where driveways do not exist snow banks must be kept clear for the space required in the area where the cart is to be put out for collection. The curbside multi-family sector may also be challenged with more than one waste cart being placed at the curb in addition to recycling cart(s). ANALYSIS In checking with many other municipalities, the solution to this problem is to delay recycling collection by one day, thus, in the case of a single family residence only one (1) cart will have to be placed at the curb each day.”

The new proposed schedule is as follows:

Waste Collection Day (New)                            Recycling Collection Day

Monday                                                                 Tuesday

Tuesday                                                                Wednesday

Wednesday                                                           Thursday

Thursday                                                               Friday

Friday                                                                  Monday

Upon approval, this schedule will take effect the week of Nov. 4, 2019.


  1. Waste Collection Day (New) Recycling Collection Day
    Monday Tuesday
    Tuesday Wednesday
    Wednesday Thursday
    Thursday Friday
    Friday Monday

    TWICE a week?, now we work part time for the city?

  2. still have not recieved our bins at all! we are in a 4 plex apartment phoned the city they blamed GFL phoned GFL they blame the city?? apparently we missed the cutoff date like wth

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