City Votes to Go Ahead with Recycling Pickup Changes, GFL Suites

Sault Ste. Marie Civic Centre

Despite concerns from Ward Four Councillor Bruni about people choosing to throw their recycling in the garbage to avoid taking bins to the end of their driveways twice in one week, council voted 6-5 in favour of the new changes.

“I’ve received many remarks,” Bruni said. “They’re not going to use their recycling bins. They’re just going to bring out their garbage once a week and that’s it.

“People are accustomed now to bring both bins out in the same evening or same morning. What I’ve received, people are going to not use the recycling bins and they would prefer to have both bins out on the same morning or same night.”

Couns. Christian, Gardi, Hilsinger, Holiingsworth and Scott all mirrored these concerns after receiving calls and emails from their constituents, with Couns. Dufour, Vezeau-Allen and Shoemaker in support of the idea.

Scott pointed out that other municipalities have tackled this issue by picking up garbage and recycling on opposite weeks.

“Most often, the trigger for a biweekly cycle is the implementation of an organics waste program,” City Director of Public Works Susan Hamilton-Beach said in response. “If you’re pulling those organics out of the waste cycle, it’s quite easy and it makes perfect sense to go to biweekly garbage collection.”

Hamilton-Beach said they’re looking forward to that potential change hopefully by 2025.

“The potential regulations are on the board,” she said.

This change, which will take place in November, is currently a permanent schedule, Susan Hamilton-Beach explained to council, but will be monitored to ensure its success.

The schedule is as follows:

Garbage collection day New recycling collection
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Monday


Council also voted in favour of moving forward with the construction of luxury suites at the GFL, which comes with a price tag of $6.4 million to complete phases two and three, which will result in 24 suites (an option being to convert the boardroom and office into box seating) and take approx. 30 years to pay off. Brent Lamming, director of community services for the city, told council there are currently 30 businesses and individuals on the waiting list for one of these suites, with 20 of them willing to purchase one.

Shoemaker raised concerns about the expiration of the Soo Greyhounds contract, which expires in 2025-26, asking if the timeline for the suite expansion could be lined up with the expiry, so that if the Greyhounds resign, it can be timely with the payback of the suites.

“With a longer term contract and knowing that the Soo Greyhounds would be here for a longer term would mitigate the risk of the exposure with it now only being six years out or so,” Lamming said.

Currently, the GFL can accommodate 5,000 people for hockey games and up to 6,500 for concerts or other events.


  1. Well, that’s ####### ########… I’m going to put both my bins out at the same time and they both can sit there until they’re both collected and then I’ll bring them in at the same time. I don’t care if it’s a week difference, I’ll leave the damn bin at the road continously and walk the bag to the bin–Cause I’m not going to remember so 🤬

  2. It’s ok usually only put recycle ♻️ out every second week anyway.
    That’s what you get for complaining about not enough room.
    Be careful what you ask for you might just get it.

  3. Pretty sure The City of Sault Ste. Marie once again did not vote to go ahead with the suites that should’ve been. Believe the vote was only to convert the boardroom into a suite that holds 10 people🤣

  4. First your driveway is too narrow to accomodate both, now people are whining that its’ going to be on two days, THUS SOLVING THEIR ORIGINAL COMPLAINT. There’s no such thing as magic, folks, suck it up, you’re adults.

    • it is the exact same amount of trips to the curb if its on one day or two. People who seem to think that is too hard, must also need their mittens tied together so they don’t lose them

    • Pete Bouchard in the winter my driveway gets super narrow with the giant banks that don’t get removed! so yes it would be hard to put both out, I don’t see why this is such a big deal… I’d rather have to only cart one out anyways especially in the winter… it’s hard to push them through the snow. I never put them both out every week anyways so not a big deal!

    • Carol Thompson No, people are up in arms. I’m fine with whatever the city decides. I’d like them to add composting, honestly. That would divert a *lot* of waste out of landfills.

    • Pete Bouchard I live in a semi with a shared driveway. We keep getting warnings when they pick up our garbage that it’s too close to our recycling so I literally would have to have them blocking my entire driveway and so would my neighbor in order for it to be enough room for them. So no, it’s not absurd.

    • Try shovelling? You don’t have a shoulder, or curb? My one bin sits on the corner of my yard right beside my driveway and it works just fine. You’re really not trying very hard to solve your own problems.

  5. Why all this worry about recycling according to news reports Canada is not very good at this, only 9 per cent of what we put out actually gets recycled.

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