Educational workers hold strike vote as Ontario students head back to school


TORONTO — The union representing 55,000 education workers in Ontario is asking for a strike mandate from its members as students head back to class across the province.

CUPE’s Ontario School Board Council of Unions says the custodians, clerical workers and educational assistants it represents begin a strike vote today.

Union president Laura Walton says she expects workers will give the union a “strong” mandate when voting finishes in two weeks.

Contracts for teachers and education workers in the province expired on Aug. 31, and bargaining for new deals is still in its early stages.

The union has not ruled out a range of labour actions if talks with the government and school boards are not productive including work to rule.

CUPE has previously said its central bargaining priorities are wages, benefits, job security and sick leave.


  1. I would like to see, anyone that has given a negative comment regarding EA’s or teachers spend a week, not even a week in the classroom. See how long you would last, teaching or trying to teach 26 individuals with 26 learning styles, and several Students on IEP’s that have accommodations. How does one teacher, meet all these students needs. Some classrooms may be lucky to have an EA in the classroom, but only if there are behaviours, not because they may need help academically. Ea’s are the ones being hit by the behaviour student. They are also under paid. They also have to collect EI in the summer. Most Ea’s have to hold 2 jobs because the school day is 6 hrs not near enough to pay the bills. I challenge anyone to spend a day in the life of a teacher or EA in the classroom WITH NO SUPPORT.

  2. Teachers unions want to be the big bosses on the block. They could care less if they cause a strike. This is not about education, or doing what is best for the students, it’s all about a bunch of overpaid former teachers trying to demand the same increases in their wages as they received with the debt ridden Lieberals. Anyone who can’t see that is missing a few brain cells.

    • Sid… read the story again… it’s not teachers doing the strike vote… its everyone else, so before you bash someone at least know who you are directing it at

  3. It’s called bargaining power!! As an Educational Support worker, we earn less than some people on social assistance!!!
    We are living below the poverty line and are most often the ones who endure the violence.

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