Ford tells U.S. business crowd Ottawa doesn’t ‘see eye to eye’ with premiers


Ontario Premier Doug Ford pitted the provinces against the federal government Friday as he made his pitch to bolster cross-border trade during a visit to the United States.

Ford, who is on a trade mission to Ohio, took part in a fireside chat with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney at the North American Strategy for Competitiveness gathering.

While discussing the oil industry and the construction of pipelines, Ford said Ottawa “doesn’t see eye to eye with a lot of the premiers.”

He went on to explain that many provinces had gone Conservative recently, calling it “a clean sweep right across the country.”

Ford later called himself a “big Republican” and repeated that the provincial and federal governments were not always aligned.

Ford and Kenney were also set to meet with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on Friday afternoon.


  1. Doug Ford is a disgrace. How dare he criticize anyone! More business left Ontario since he became Premier. Doug cost Hydro One over $100 million when he interfered with a deal. Not to mention the massive buyouts we paid!

  2. This man has the nerve to criticize the federal government as he blissfully floats along from one mistake after another???? What a moron…

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