Letter to the Editor: How are You Going to be Remembered


To average people, we don’t think about it much, but I think that we all want to be remembered as good hardworking, honest people.

It might be the same for politicians but being in the public eye, they have a harder chore than we do to attain that goal.  They make decisions almost daily, some hard, some easy.

The eleven member Sault Ste. Marie council has had a rough time lately because of the issues that have come before them.  But should it have been that rough. Maybe they made it rough on themselves by thinking about the final effect it would have on them and leaning the wrong way.

With this post, I welcome our present council, or at least the ones that don’t intend on running in the next election, to  answer the following questions. If they fear the outcome of their answers, then they will undoubtedly not reply, but if they have no fear of repercussions to their answers, then they will give a synopsis of their time on council and what they achieved.

1 – What is your legacy going to sound like?

2 – Do you feel that you worked diligently for your ward/city?

3 – Were you truly honest with yourself and the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie in every issue that arose?

4 – Honestly, did you run for office because you wanted to make our city better or was it just to stoke your own ego, to be in the spotlight, and have people tell you how great you are.

Mike Caruso