Liberals move forwards to protect Canada’s lands and oceans, and give every kid the chance to learn to camp

Terry Sheehan
Photo by: Tammy Fiegehen

A re-elected Liberal government will protect 25 per cent of Canada’s lands and oceans by 2025, as well as give every kid in Canada the chance to learn to camp.

Canada has the longest coastline in the world, one-fifth of the world’s fresh water, and vast and wild forests — but climate change puts them all at risk. It’s more important than ever to protect the natural landscape we know and love. At the same time, Canadians of all ages should have the chance to enjoy our natural wonders and learn more about our country.

“In Northern Ontario, camping and being outdoors is part of life. We want our children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy nature – whether it’s our Great Lakes or our national parks, we need to continue to prioritize conservation and protecting the environment,” said Terry Sheehan, Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie. “We only get one planet, and one Canada. Let’s protect it, for people to enjoy — today and for years to come.”

A re-elected Liberal will continue down the path of conservation and environmental protection:

  • We will conserve and protect 25 per cent of Canada’s lands and oceans by 2025, working towards 30 per cent by 2030;
    • We will ground these efforts in science, Indigenous knowledge, and local perspectives;
    • We will also advocate for countries around the world to set a 30 per cent conservation goal as well;
  • We will give every child the chance to learn how to camp by the time they reach grade eight, expanding the successful Learn to Camp program:
    • This will make it possible for 400,000 kids each year to learn the skills to enjoy camping; and
  • We will give 75,000 underprivileged children and their families an up to four-night trip to one of Canada’s National or Provincial Parks:
    • This includes camping accommodations and a travel bursary of up to $2,000 so that families can more easily afford a once-in-a-lifetime trip to more remote national parks like Banff, Gros Morne, and the Cape Breton Highlands.

This builds on a strong Liberal tradition of protecting Canada’s lands and oceans, including:

  • Making the largest investment in nature conservation in Canadian history;
  • Conserving land areas equal to about 3.5 times the size of Nova Scotia;
  • Boosted the amount of protected coastal and ocean areas from 1 per cent to 14 per cent;
  • Creating Rouge National Urban Park, North America’s largest urban park, and the Edéhzhíe Protected Area, the first Indigineous protected area;

Working in partnership with Inuit in Nunavut to protect the Arctic’s last year-round sea ice, as well as sensitive areas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and glass sponge reefs off the coast of British Columbia.

Backgrounder: Protecting nature and helping every kid learn to camp


  1. This sounds like the science will actually be force-fitted to the Liberal plan to ‘protect’ the third of Canada’s land and ocean. Protection targets should follow science not the other way around. But this is old Liberal wrongheadedness once again. As for the $2,000 for camping… not every ‘underprivileged’ kid wants to camp or is the outdoorsy type. And I fully expect that the kid’s family will have to agree to support Liberal social priorities (e.g. abortion) just as organizations must do who give summer jobs to students. This is called social engineering and it has no place in a democracy, like Canada used to be. Let’s see this ploy for what it really is: Trudeau pathetic effort to make it look like those with privileged backgrounds like his are willing to condescend to the masses – just another lame-brained way to try to get beyond his own blackface scandals!

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