McCleary “Wants to Represent the Working People of the Sault”

NDP Candidate Sara McCleary
file photo

Approximately 50 people showed their support as local NDP candidate Sara McCleary officially launched the opening of her campaign office on Tuesday evening, located at 24E Queen St. E.

McCleary said one of the biggest issues she’s heard from her constituents is affordability. Other issues she hopes to combat are climate change, workers rights and job creation, as well as fighting to protect public and private pensions.

“People are telling me it’s really hard to pay their rent and get their groceries, so things like introducing universal pharma care are really important to me,” she explained.

“People are paying far too much for their prescriptions and so we want to make it so they can get their prescriptions just with their health card rather than having to pay with their credit card.”

McCleary said she wants to be the voice of the working class people in the Sault, because she thinks it’s important for Saultites to be represented by one of their own, and she sees herself as one of the 99 per cent.

“I think that it’s been too long since we’ve been really represented by one of us, more or less,” she said, “so I really want to be the voice for the working class people of Sault Ste. Marie and represent them in Ottawa.

“It’s important to me to be a voice for the Sault because I’m going through the same things as the people of Sault Ste. Marie. I’m working three jobs to get by, I’m struggling to get my family’s prescriptions and to pay our bills, so it’s really important to me that I can help other people that are going through the same thing.”


  1. With all due respects, the ndp & the liberals represent a fair number of people who think tax money grows on trees, at Queen’s Park & Ottawa. You heard horwath during this past provincial election – free tuition, free day care, free pharmacare, a guaranteed income plan ( welfare x 2) and on and on and on. trudeau’s liberals have become a worse party than the ndp when it comes to financial responsibility of Taxpayers’ money. At least Tom Mulcair referenced balancing the budget in the foreseeable future. trudeau’s liberals, if re-elected (god forbid), won’t balance the budget anytime soon. If we’re lucky, sometime after 2042. Unbelievable !!!!
    We need some sanity back in Ottawa. We don’t have it under this current pm, justin trudeau.

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