Millroy : That damned Trudeau.


That damned Trudeau.
Just when I was prepared to deep-six our prime minister over his interference in the SNC-Lavalin case and his treatment of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, along comes the revelation of his use of blackface, not once, but at least three times.

This has, of course, considering the political correctness that seems to infiltrate everything we do these days, brought universal condemnation of  him from his political enemies and media columnists and commentators..

It has even made the pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post, one writer of an opinion piece in the latter even going so far as to call for his resignation.

As for myself?

Well, I find myself going the other way.

I find myself feeling sorry for him, something a week ago I would have thought impossible.
From very early in my life I found myself pulling for the underdog and I guess, watching Trudeau catching it now from all angles for something I am not sure deserves a death sentence, it kicked in.

It hasn’t really erased all the bad feelings about him I have harboured over the past year, but I am not about to join those piling on in this one.

I think it was a mistake for Trudeau to have done what he did and he acknowledged in his apologies that it was wrong.

But I also believe there has to be some context in regard to the time the event that triggered all this occurred, about 20 years ago when he was 29. Time posted a photo online showing Trudeau in blackface at an “Arabian Nights themed party” in 2001 at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, where he was a teacher.

I look at myself and I wonder if in that time frame I would have found it offensive if I had seen someone using blackface, say on Halloween or at a party. I think not.

Today? Well, that’s another story.

I see Trudeau’s major blunder as not bringing this forward himself.

I realize he has said he was too embarrassed to do so, but I think he would have found the embarrassment far preferable to what he is going through now.

If he had brought it up himself, let it all hang out, the pictures and the video, what really would there have been for his political opponents or media analysts to jump on? Very little, I would say, and I am not a fan. There naturally would be criticism but it would not have the legs this exposure has.

Trudeau’s political enemies and many media commentators are painting Trudeau as being hypocritical and proclaiming that what you see in him is not what you are getting, that his past shows who he really is.

I think that would hold up only if he had been guilty of making racial slurs, rather than painting his face black.

Will this latest debacle have any effect on the election?

I would say very little, if at all.

I am pretty sure the Canadian people will look at this as something that occurred well in the past, that does not define the man now. I think his record shows that he is not a racist, a tad hypocritical maybe, but not a racist.

In the end, will it affect my vote?

Not at all.

As I said earlier I am not a fan of Trudeau, nor am I a fan of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, the leaders of the only two parties that will get my vote.

Which means I am left still trying to decide where my vote will go.


  1. I find it ironic that the ordinary Canadian citizen is always squacking about the rich get richer on the backs of working people. Yet Trudeau and Morneau are rich and people vote them into office so they can put their grubby hands in your pockets and take more of your hard earned dollars. So I guess it is ok for Liberals to get richer off off the working people but no body else.Also this face painting act was a racist act plain and simple. It has nothing to do with trick or treating he was 29 yrs old and a teacher. The only reason he doesn’t do it now is because his job is on the line. The statement that we all did something yrs ago that wasn’t right is true but we are not running to be Prime Minister. we always gripe that sports figures should be held to a higher standard because children look up to them well I would think that a politician should be held to a higher standard than them. Trudeau tried to cover this up yet he campaigned on being open honest and transparent maybe he doesn’t know the meaning of these words, because he hasn’t shown it in the last 4 yrs. Also to all you Liberals Harper is not running in this election but he is living in your heads rent free at that

  2. the real issue is carbon tax—-and of course immigration—so vote pc —-the 8 cent a liter increase yesterday was a real sucker punch to the liberal party —great timing —

  3. Doug, with all due respect, Justin Trudeau is going to wear this persona, the guy who likes to paint his face black to look like a person of colour right up to election day. A 29 year old adult, in a position of authority, going to all this trouble to go to a party for a bunch of 15-16 year old children. An adult who should know better, oh, except Justin is from an upbringing of privilege & would know no boundaries to how far he can go to offend the black community. Talk show host Trevor Noah was priceless when he did a whole monologue on Trudeau. Look at this white guy, impersonating Aladdin, someone who has more of a brown skin, impersonating someone with black skin. Google it. Noah is priceless & Trudeau looks……bad !!!
    Doug, Trudeau has had no problem dumping liberal mps under the bus. Some MPs like Wilson-Raybould & Philpott who are a lot smarter then he could ever be. If Trudeau had come forward with the truth when he first began as an mp, after leaving his prior job as a part time drama teacher & snow board instructor, he would have met up with an insurmountable brick wall. His future in politics would have lasted about 20 seconds after he divulged his colourful past and we never would have had the sad reality to now refer to trudeau as the worst prime minister this Country has ever had.
    Doug, don’t feel sorry for Trudeau. He just doesn’t deserve your pity. Or anybody else’s. Trudeau apologized for 1 reason only- to save his seat & the seats of many liberal mps who quite probably will lose theirs. Trudeau is not sorry Doug. Trudeau is sorry that he was caught.

  4. I don’t think Trudeau is a racist, but I also think a university educated teacher, at a school event, would know better at age 29. Twenty years is not that long ago! He’s a keener with a love for theatre arts and went overboard clearly. Easy for us to say tho, but what if you are black? Seeing your Prime Minister in blackface would have a much different (worse) impact. If you have Netflix you should catch Chelsea Handler’s new documentary, “Hello Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea” to understand that us white folks- don’t understand.

  5. It’s pretty clear you are a Liberal. This is only one of many recent displays of incompetence, possible obstruction of justice with Lavscam, and critical thinking by Trudeau.

  6. I think some people are making a mountain out of a molehill. Have we not all done something…or said something…that we now regret? Is Trudeau now the same person he was at 29?
    I am not a fan of either of the 2 major party leaders. This Trudeau event will do nothing to change the minds of voters. In another week we will be talking about something new….and maybe more important.

    • Under normal circumstances I would agree with you. However, when Trudeau has called people racist simply for not agreeing with his ideas, or asking for stricter background checks/control for refugees walking through our southern boarder, someone who has apologized for accepting inappropriate gifts, hasn’t apologized for SNC and despite claiming to be for the indigenous/feminist crowd banished Jody Wilson-Raybould from caucus simply for telling the truth, I think his criticism is well deserved for being a hypocrite.

  7. Scheer, Trump, Ford, Kenney, Harper, share the following values: misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, climate change denial, and adherence to the failed Chicago School of Economics (Milton Friedman) which has produced only unconscionable inequality, environmental degradation, and poverty. Please vote strategically for anyone but Scheer.

  8. Isn’t it just wonderful that we go out there and vote for the least rotten apple but still rotten? None of them deserve our vote they are all crooked and corrupt.

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