New North Greenhouses experiencing a modern revitalization for Spring 2020

New North Greenhouses

Under new ownership, John Carroll of New North Greenhouses has implemented a series of
changes at the garden centre this past summer to ensure the greenhouses’ longevity in the
community of Sault Ste. Marie.

With a revamped, contemporary design of the brand’s previous logo, a recent re-skinning of the greenhouse plastic, and the installation of a new POS system, New North Greenhouses is
experiencing a modern revitalization in preparation for our spring 2020 season. On October 12th of this year, New North Greenhouses will be closing for the season but staff will be busy in preparation for our reopening around Earth Day 2020.

Numerous sales are on now during our Fall Clearance including all garden décor on for 20-50% off, evergreens at half price, and all trees and flowering shrubs at 30% off.

Indoor plant lovers can enjoy 30-50% off all tropical plants, cacti, and succulents.

Those looking at enhancing their gardens should also consider our new arrival of Dwarf
Burningbush which flourishes with red foliage every fall.

Gift Card purchases made before the end of season, especially for the purpose of Christmas
Stocking stuffers, will be honoured next year. Our new POS system allows for gift cards to be
redeemed at any time, without expiry and truly make the perfect gift for anyone with a green
thumb or a passion for planting.

We look forward to seeing you next spring and would encourage you to keep in contact through our social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Just wondering… Is New North still going to be involved in growing cannabis? That was published some time ago but nothing has been said recently. It was a concern as it certainly turned off some long-time customers.

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