Ontario teen charged after recording himself driving at 180 km/h before crash


THUNDER BAY, Ont. — Police in Thunder Bay, Ont., say a teen is facing a dangerous driving charge based in part on social media footage he shot of himself speeding at the time of a two-vehicle crash.

City police say the collision took place on Saturday afternoon and involved a sedan colliding with a jeep.

Police allege the driver of the sedan posted a video to the social media network Snapchat geotagged with the location of the crash.

They say the video showed the sedan passing other vehicles just before the crash.

It also allegedly showed a speedometer recording speeds of between 180 and 190 kilometres per hour.

The 19-year-old is facing one charge of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.


    • Why is it that so many people are ignorant about what the Police and the courts do? Like us, their hands are tied. They can only do what they are capable of.. My opinion, as a law abiding citizen we all need to do our part and keep an eye on our children and we help our neighbors. Ever hear of Neighbourhood Watch? It works… I hear it all the time where people say the system doesn’t work. It really does if we all do our part. Just saying…

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