Quebec, Ontario first targets in launch of Conservative election campaign


OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives will formally launch their federal election campaign Wednesday with two events in places where they aim to increase their support come the Oct. 21 vote.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will first be in Trois-Rivieres, Que., and later in the day just outside Toronto.

The party is following the New Democrats out onto the road after that party’s campaign launch over the weekend.

Both have shifted into campaign mode despite the fact an election has yet to be officially called.

It’s coming any day, though — by the terms of Canada’s election law, Parliament must be dissolved and the election called no later than this Sunday.

A spokesman for the Conservatives says that the Liberals have been effectively campaigning for weeks by travelling around the country making government announcements and the other parties are tired of waiting.


  1. The liberals are out there, not wanting to drop the writ, so trudeau can keep spending your tax dollars, so his mps could run around the country making frivolous, endless $$$$ promises like there’s a money pit in Ottawa, except you & I will pay the bill after they’re done. It’s like walking into a fancy restaurant led by a liberal pm; he tells you to sit down & order whatever you want. Then after the meal is over, the liberal mp hands you the bill. With interest. And I will tell you, the interest on the liberal debt will be long, painful and guess what; your children & grandchildren will pay too, and they weren’t even there to enjoy the meal. Priceless !!!

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