Romano Comments on French University Funding

Francophone Protest

Today, Ministers Romano and Mulroney issued the following statement:

Our government recognizes the exceptional contribution of the Francophone community to the province’s social, cultural and economic development. We also recognize the importance of a university governed by — and for — francophones in Ontario. We want to ensure French-speaking students can count on an efficient, cost effective and sustainable postsecondary education system that is aligned with labour market needs.

That’s why Ontario is continuing to negotiate with the federal government and the university on costing and planning. We are pleased to see our message is finally being received by the federal government. In fact, we welcomed a memorandum of understanding from the federal government this week and we are keen to conclude a joint funding agreement to implement the Université de l’Ontario français.

We are urging the federal government to mobilize its resources to make a concrete financial commitment to the project. This would enable us to move forward with this important opportunity to collaborate on the implementation of Université de l’Ontario français. We have asked the federal government to make a firm financial commitment and look forward to hearing back from them as soon as possible.

We will continue to take the necessary steps to strengthen the vitality of the Francophone community by providing better French-language services and enhanced access to quality postsecondary education in French.