Running for Cancer Research at the 39th Annual Terry Fox Run

39th Annual Terry Fox Run. Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

Approximately 600 Saultites laced up their runners to participate in the 39th Annual Terry Fox run on Sunday morning.

Event Organizers Colette Michele-Fall and her husband Rick Fall have been running this event for the past nine years, starting as volunteers and eventually becoming organizers.

“We do this because (Terry Fox) has been an icon for our country as a Canadian,” she said.

“When we’re putting posters and signs up for this event, it’s really awesome, because people will say, ‘oh, I was on Batchawana Bay on the highway and we saw him running down the highway.’

“Everybody seems to have a story. Even the younger ones will say, ‘oh, my father used to talk about seeing Terry Fox on the road.’

“And that’s what keeps us going. It makes me really happy when people tell me stories like that, that they’ve seen him. It’s inspiring.”

Although this event has no registration fee or minimum donation required to participate, Michele-Falls said last year alone the community raised $43,000. This year’s total wasn’t available at the time of publication.

All proceeds raised go to the Terry Fox Foundation to assist in projects related to cancer research. To date, more than $750 million has been raised worldwide.

For more information on The Terry Fox Foundation and a breakdown of where the funds go, click here.


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