Sault College Boasts Highest Enrolment on Record


This year Sault College welcomed the highest enrolment of students on record!

With nearly 2900 full-time, post-secondary students beginning this fall, Sault College boasts an increase in enrolment of 18 percent over last year, playing an important role in helping our local community thrive both economically and socially.

“We are tremendously proud to announce and celebrate this significant milestone,” said Dr. Ron Common, President, Sault College. “This is a true testament to the collaboration and dedication of our staff who remain focused on our students by providing an engaging and unique post-secondary experience with the best education possible. We want to help our students find their amazing, and conversely each student helps our College reach its amazing! We are honoured they have chosen us to be a part of their academic journey,” he added.

Enrolment for domestic students remained relatively unchanged from last year with more than 1900 students registered. Our international recruitment continues to grow the College with an enrolment increase of 96 percent. This year, more than 930 international students representing 15 countries are calling Sault College and Sault Ste. Marie home contributing to our rich, diverse and inclusive campus community.

In total, including part-time, apprenticeships and continuing education, Sault College has more than 7000 students enrolled annually. “It is truly an exciting time for our College and for our students. We look forward to continuing this momentum and building on our enrolment,” added Dr. Common.

Still thinking about attending Sault College? Call us today to learn more about the many benefits of being a Sault College student! A member of our recruitment team is always here to help – stop by or call us at 705-759-2554 ext. 2222.


    • Jennifer Briggs actually, international students are different. They have to have a GIC of at least $10,000 to come here to live off of. They also pay about 10 grand tuition for a course one of us would pay 3 grand for. They work while they are here and go to school and most of them go right back home when they are done. They are only here on temporary stays. They receive NO money from our Gov’t

    • Jennifer Briggs I think you really have a lack of knowledge. Before give that type statement you should know all the fact that who pay more fee. A single international student pay $17,000 tuition fee plus $10,000 money in GIC. I think you can graduate from 4-5 programs with this money.

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