Sault College Student’s Union Talks With MP Sheehan


This week, Sault College Students’ Union executive had the opportunity to meet with MP Terry Sheehan at the College campus. Together, the students expressed their concerns regarding climate, the rising cost of education, work-integrated learning opportunities and increased supports for our Indigenous learners. The student union also raised awareness on the national letter sent out to all federal leaders and offered the MP a letter outlining their concerns and priorities to provide to his party leader.

“We had the opportunity to listen to Dr. David Suzuki three weeks ago at the Student Union Development summit at UBC. His overall message highlighted that as national student leaders our responsibility is to not only to our students but also to our community overall. We recognize that our climate is a top priority and that we play an integral role in raising awareness of this, and therefore, we brought this concern to our local MP. Our students are engaged and focused on this issue and sustaining our future. We understand that the Liberal Government invested 20 million dollars into environmental initiatives, but we feel that is not enough and more action needs to be taken,” says Jonathan Boyer-Nolan, Sault College Students’ Union President.

The student leaders also went on to discuss the increase to international student enrollment across the country and specifically here at Sault College. Through this discussion, they focused on how the federal government could further support these students particularly through grants and scholarships. Currently there are no available grants or scholarships and we are aware that the majority of international students pay up to three time’s higher tuition than our domestic students.

The student leaders also reminded MP Sheehan that in the last election, voter turnout was among 18 to 24-year olds increased from 39% to 57%. Young people are engaged and taking a stand to make sure federal party leaders know what the priorities of young Canadians and their families are.

“We are hopeful that through these types of discussions and with the support of our local leaders, we can continue to make the necessary changes to support our students and our community. We thank MP Sheehan for taking the time to meet with us and address our ongoing concerns,” added Jonathan Boyer-Nolan.