Sheehan Hopes to Continue “Being the Sault’s Voice in Ottawa”


Saultites came out to show their support for Terry Sheehan on Sunday afternoon for the launch of his campaign office, located at 485 Queen St. E.

The Liberal MP is running for re-election in this year’s upcoming Federal Election, set to take place on or before Oct. 21.

“I’m so thrilled and pleased with the support that the community is showing here today for the work that I have done and for the work that I am committing to continue to do today,” Sheehan said in a media scrum.

Sheehan talked about the progress that he’s proud has been made since he’s been in office, such as:

  • lowering the unemployment rates
  • investing locally, in post-secondary institutions (Algoma University, Sault College, the Anishinabek Discovery Centre), infrastructure and affordability
  • helping the steel plant out of bankruptcy
  • helping strengthen trade regime
  • investing $106 million into Algoma Steel and Tenaris
  • helping lift the steel and aluminum tariffs imposed by the U.S.

“(The steel plant) is extremely important – it’s 40 per cent of our economy,” he said. “That’s 14,000 direct or indirect jobs we’re counting on, 8,000 pensioners.”

Sheehan said, despite this, the steel industry isn’t completely out of the woods yet.

“The steel industry still needs significant support and a strong voice,” he explained, noting his time as a member on the Steel Party Caucus and working with unions as an asset.

Sheehan said he’s also used his background in business and development to help bring over a quarter of a billion dollars into the local economy.

“It’s historic, it’s record-breaking, but I’ve just begun,” he said. “I want to continue to have that economic development.”

Sheehan vowed to redouble my effort over the next four-and-a-half years to continue this development, with projects such as the ferrochrome plant, which will create 1,500 jobs during construction and 500 jobs after it’s completed.

Sheehan also said he wants to continue to the Sault’s voice in Ottawa, which is part of the reason why he ran for office in the first place.

“In 2015, I promised to be Sault Ste. Marie’s voice in Ottawa, and not Ottawa’s voice in Sault Ste. Marie.

“And I’m seeing it more by the opposition that you’re going to see a big top-down Ottawa voice back in Sault Ste. Marie. The great thing about myself is that I have both the energy and the experience to get the job done and to make sure that our voice is heard loud and clear in Ottawa and that we get our fair share of investments here in the Sault.”


  1. Its to bad that your a Liberal representing the clown party, other than that, your probably a hard working guy just in the wrong party that elected a clown to represent Canada.

  2. My vote goes to Terry and the Liberal party. Be careful what you wish for. Remember what Doug Ford and what his party is doing for Ontario. We. don’t need another like like.him.

    • Ontario is paying 1.5 million dollars in interest every hour on the dept that the Maginty / Winn liberals left Ontario in. So be careful, ya sure, Ontario is close to bankruptcy the cuts have to come with fiscal restraint to get a hold of the spending.

  3. No party is worthy of being elected. Therefore you have to look t the man…not the party. When I do that I will vote for Sheehan…a known quantity.

  4. I voted liberal in 2015, along with many of us born in the 90’s. However, it’s clear to me that the Prime Minister does not deserve to be re-elected, what has he done for this country? He babbles about “Harper this, Harper that, if you don’t vote me you’ll get Harper-lite….” well, Prime Minister, you’ve had four years, run on your own record, not against your Predecessor’s. And FYI, PM Harper CUT the GST twice…. and I have a deep suspicion that the Prime Minister would raise the GST if re-elected.

  5. Its hard to say how much he’s done for sault ste marie behind closed doors compared to his pretty good track record, which is likely to be the result of a majority government targeting a swing riding…

    I’ll vote for him because a conservative victory is frightening and his track record makes his victory likely

  6. Unfortunately his corrupt leader Trudeau destroyed the party….can’t get Trudeau and his minions out fast enough. They destroyed Canada with every decision they made and gave all our hard earned Canadian tax dollars to everyone but Canadians…#truestory #votescheer #newbeginning #makecanadagreatagain

    • Dorothy Bianchi the conservatives have a ghastly record in general and that’s one of, if not THE biggest problem. Half of them have libertarian “small government” ideals and the other half accepts bribes to deregulate corporations. The thing is, they propagandize people into thinking they’re championing for us working class people, meanwhile making childishly nonsensical claims like “trudeau is the worst prime minister of all time”.

      Truth be told, he’s been mediocre. He hasn’t especially damaged the country(aside from being a status quo shill in troubling times), but he hasn’t really done anything memorable for the country but legalize weed. Typical centrist.

    • Dorothy Bianchi agreed…

      My problem with Trudeau is his lack of concern for his own back yard…then to ice my disgust, giving away a $42 billion steel deal, tariff free to the biggest dumpers in the world China…

    • He’s literally bankrupted Alberta and keeps pouring money and influence into Quebec. He’s toast and so is Sheehan unfortunately because he won’t publicly come out and express any independent thought whatsoever about JT’s screwups that are too many to mention. Most notably, the steel supply issue with China when he tries to take credit for helping our steel industry.

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