Sonny Spina Talks Liberal Carbon Tax


Sault Ste. Marie On – Sonny Spina, Conservative Candidate for Sault Ste. Marie, is committed to saving you money and scraping the Liberal carbon tax. The Liberal carbon tax is a tax on everything that will hurt families right across Canada, including here in Sault Ste. Marie. Even worse, if re-elected the Liberals are going to raise it even more.

“Far too often I’ve heard from people here in Sault Ste. Marie that affordability is their number one issue. I’ve heard from seniors whose pensions can no longer cover their costs, from moms and dads who are struggling to pay their bills, and from everyday people who are seeing less of their hard earned money. That’s why we need a government that’s working to make life more affordable, not raising taxes.”

The carbon tax is going to hit Canadians hard. It’s going to raise the price of necessities such as gas, groceries, and home heating. The Liberal Environment Minister has even refused to rule out further increases to their carbon tax. According to the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) at $102 per tonne, the Liberal carbon tax would increase the cost of natural gas for an average household by $469 a year and add 31 cents per litre to the price of gas.

Canadian’s need a government that is committed to helping them get ahead, that will make life more affordable not take more of your hard earned money.

In addition to scrapping the Liberal Carbon tax, a Conservative government will take the GST off of home heating and energy, saving the average household $107 a year.

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  1. Well .. let’s look how THE Conservatives are helping in Ontario.. how many new affordable housing built..none .. conservatives ran on lowering hydro cost significantly.. its going up never went down . Derugalated rent control and now how much seniors pay rent.. being on disability I make too much for help with rent .. I make too much !!. So how have you helped me..

  2. Just saying “NO!” to the carbon tax is not the right path forward. I don’t like being forced to pay more because of the carbon tax, but over the past couple years, I have developed a new solution. I call it the “Access to Green Energy” tax, or A.G.E tax. In short, municipalities would be given a score on their ability to access alternative, green energy, then a moving carbon tax would be applied based on that score. For example, in northern Ontario, we would have a low A.G.E. score, thus a lower carbon tax, since we rely greatly on vehicles, electric vehicles are not practical here (yet), we rely on heating for homes, cost of living is high, etc. Toronto, where people can take public transit more efficiently, temperatures aren’t as extreme, and there could be more EV charging stations, the A.G.E. score would be higher. With a tax like this, the governments goal would be to increase everyone’s A.G.E. score, and let them have a choice between green energy or fossil fuels. Until then, I do not like being forced to pay more for a necessity that I have no real alternative solution for.

    Of course, it has been difficult getting anyone in politics to actually hear me out and think about this, as I am just a professional geoscientist.

  3. This is possibly the most bias piece of writing I have ever seen. Sault Online why don’t you tell the readers how you really feel?! Lol
    Also, the fact that you’re calling this “The Liberal Carbon Tax” is so ridiculous. The Conservative government failed to put a plan in action for years, resulting in a need for us to have this tax… I am not a liberal supporter, certainly in this election not a conservative supporter, but I would love it if our local news sources could take their jobs more seriously and just report the news, not opinions of the writer.

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