Steven Del Duca tosses his hat in for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party


Del Duca is the first candidate to pay his $100,000 entry fee to the Ontario Liberal Party after announcing his 150th public endorsement

TORONTO – Steven Del Duca announced today that former Justice Minister Allan Rock has added his name to the growing list of people who have endorsed his campaign for the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Del Duca now has the public endorsement of 150 Ontario Liberals, including former cabinet ministers and MPPs, riding presidents, past candidates, and youth leaders. “I have been meeting with hardworking, grassroots Liberals across the province and I am honoured that 150 of them have endorsed my campaign,” said Del Duca. “They understand that we are in the fight of our lives, and I am happy to have them by my side.”

Del Duca also announced that his campaign has raised over $150,000, and that he is the first candidate to have paid the $100,000 party registration fee in full.

“The rebuilding of our grassroots and our fundraising abilities will be hard, and reaching the $150,000 mark is an important milestone,” said Del Duca. “I have felt the confidence Liberals are showing in me and it has motivated me to tour over 100 communities this summer. Listening to people who want to rebuild and modernize our party gave me the determination to be the first candidate to pay the party’s $100,000 fee, in full.”

The 150 women and men who have endorsed Del Duca for leader hail from all areas of the province – small towns, rural and remote communities, and large urban centres – and they reflect Ontario’s energy and diversity.

“Rebuilding the grassroots of the OLP is one of the key challenges we face,” said Del Duca. “We will meet that challenge, fight for a better future for Ontario, and defeat Doug Ford in 2022.”

The Ontario Liberal Party will choose its next leader on March 7th, 2020. Del Duca was the first candidate to register, has released 150 endorsements and has so far toured to 100 communities across the province.


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