Students will have access to healthy food at school again this year


Over a million Ontario students will have access to healthy food at school again this school year thanks in part to the support of Student Nutrition Ontario (SNO) and their partners.

As students head back to school, many are looking forward to accessing healthy food provided in one of the province’s 4,500+ student nutrition programs. Last year, over a million students were served in SNO programs, as part of an effort to ensure that every child and youth arrives at school well nourished and ready to learn.

Good nutrition is the underpinning of good mental health. At Algoma Family Services, we are proud to deliver the Student Nutrition Program in Algoma through our many school partners. Last year over 1.2 million meals including snacks were served. We are looking forward to another great school year and serving even more nutritious meals to the children and youth in Algoma.

Student Nutrition Ontario (SNO) is a network of 14 lead agencies and 39 community partnerships that exist to provide funding and support to healthy breakfast, snack and lunch programs across the province. With seed funding from the province of Ontario, SNO lead agencies, like Algoma Family Services, and their partners work to support the success of local school nutrition programs by teaching healthy habits; offering nutritious foods; and building supportive communities. They are the unified voice that connects an extensive network, enabling students to eat, learn, and succeed.

Volunteers are the program’s lifeblood – they show up day-in and day-out, making a lasting impact on the futures of children. Without the support of community volunteers and the contributions of many local, provincial and national donors we would not be able to feed students each day in every part of Ontario.

Student Nutrition Ontario is looking forward to another successful school year! If you would like to help children in Ontario arrive at school well-nourished and ready to learn please get in contact with a Student Nutrition Ontario representative.

For more information about the Student Nutrition Program and how you can get involved please contact Alex Pasiak, Student Nutrition Program Coordinator 705-945-5050 x 2112 or [email protected]. For provincial information please contact Catherine Parsonage Co-Chair Student Nutrition Program, 416-809-1832 or [email protected].


  1. Beautiful. And thanks Soo Online for sharing, many do not even know about the program but would be glad to help. On behalf of The Soo’s own Q Cafe I will be assisting with a pledge to donate to the Algoma program. We help the future for everyone as well as them when we take care of our children.

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