Stuffing Trunks in Support of Women in Crisis

Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

Approximately 80 motorcyclists took to the streets in support of Women in Crisis Algoma on Saturday morning.

Riders started off at the Husky on Trunk Rd. and rode to Great Lakes Honda, where they stuffed trunks full of toys and personal supplies for local women and children in need of support.

“We’ve all known someone who’s needed a hand, and we jump in and give them a hand, and sometimes someone doesn’t have anybody, so we want to show them that there is somebody and do what we can,” BRO Row Captain Dean St. Pierre told SaultOnline, talking about why they ride for WICA.

“It’s super emotional, especially for the kids,” he continued, “and that’s where the toys come in. They’re going to need something to hug and to hold and to feel generally better about. And it makes us feel good, too. Giving is an awesome thing.”

This event has been taking place for 26 years, showing how supportive the biker community can be.

“We have different groups – we have Algoma Riders, we have Iron Workers that come and support (Bikers’ Rights Organization),”  BRO Toy Chairwoman Bev Beauchamp told SaultOnline.

“It lets people know that bikers aren’t mean and crazy like people think they are; we do have a heart and we do care about the community and different charities in our town.”

Julie Strachan, a child support worker for Women in Crisis Algoma, said having the community’s support is “incredibly heartwarming.

“(The partnership) has been amazing,” she said. “They’ve just supported the women and children so much over the years. We’re very, very grateful.”

Strachan said events like this one are an important way to bring awareness to domestic violence and the support system WIC offers those in need.

“The way everyone deserves to live free of violence is something we’re passionate about, so it’s amazing to see all of these individuals out and supporting that and backing that idea that we can all live free of violence.”

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