Subway’s $210-million defamation lawsuit aimed at stifling criticism, CBC says

Subway Restaurant

TORONTO — A CBC lawyer says a lawsuit by a prominent fast-food chain is an attempt to silence the public broadcaster.

Subway is seeking $210 million in damages for a CBC Marketplace broadcast in February 2017.

The company claims the consumer program defamed it with an inaccurate story about the content of its chicken sandwiches.

Marketplace reported that some of Subway’s chicken products contained only about 50 per cent chicken DNA.

The CBC lawyer tells Superior Court that the program relied on testing by Trent University.

She also says an independent expert reviewed those results, which are in the public interest.


  1. Subway has sucked for a long time . Back when it was the new hot thing all the produce and veggies were fresh . I rarely find this the case anymore . Not to mention … I always say can I have the freshest one (bread choice) … I literally want a hot fresh one from the oven … Always the same answer … They’re all fresh … As I bite into my white bread … Its dry and crusty . This is depressing when all you have is ten dollars in your pocket .

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