Terry and the Liberals move forward to cut home energy bills for Sault families and fight the climate crisis


A re-elected Liberal government will help Canadians lower their energy bills, make their homes more energy-efficient, and give them the tools to prepare for climate related disasters.

Today, many Canadians live in homes that aren’t energy efficient – which means higher utility bills and more waste. At the same time, we are seeing the ever-increasing number of floods and wildfires, which pose an additional risk to our communities. As a country we must come together to protect the environment, and we also need to deal with the consequences of climate change.

“We know that we need to take action to protect our environment. But it’s expensive to adapt to a changing climate. We are going to help you replace those drafty windows or your old furnace – so you can cut your utility bills and keep our environment healthy,” said Terry Sheehan, the Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie.

We will make life more affordable for Canadians, cut our emissions, and protect the environment:

  • We will help retrofit 1.5 million homes to help Canadians make their homes more energy efficient, and better protect them from climate-related risks;
  • We will help homeowners and landlords pay for retrofits by giving them an interest-free loan of up to $40,000;
  • We will help people buy newly built homes that are certified zero-emissions by giving them a Net Zero Homes Grant of up to $5,000; and
  • We will invest $100 million in skills training, to ensure there are enough qualified workers to keep up with energy audits, retrofits, and net-zero home construction.

“We also know that in Northern Ontario, we are feeling the effects of climate change. In the face of Doug Ford’s cuts to MNRF and forest fire prevention, these effects will be felt even more,” said Sheehan. “Today’s announcement of the E.I. Disaster Assistance Benefit is an acknowledgement of the seriousness of climate change – but it also shows that we will be there when Canadians need us most.”

A re-elected Liberal government will be there for Canadians when disaster strikes, by:

  • protecting homeowners who are at high risk of flooding and don’t have adequate insurance protection, by creating a low-cost national flood insurance program;
  • helping Canadians better understand the risks they face when they buy a home, by working with provinces and territories to complete all flood maps in Canada;
  • developing a national action plan to assist homeowners with potential relocation for those at the highest risk of repeat flooding; and
  • help Canadians whose jobs and livelihoods are affected when disaster strikes, by working with stakeholders and experts to design an E.I. Disaster Assistance Benefit.

These measures will build on four years of climate action by our government, including:

  • introducing over 50 measures to fight climate change and protect our environment, from banning single-use plastics to putting a price on pollution;
  • investing to encourage new homes to be built carbon neutral;
  • helping ensure Canadians have access to the most energy-efficient appliances to help cut energy costs and support our climate action goals; and
  • establishing the $2 billion Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund to help communities prevent and prepare for growing climate risks.


  1. Terry your boss announced today that the Liberals are going to protect 25 per cent of our waterways, will it start here protecting Lake Superior against chromium 6. We have not heard your views on the matter of the smelter, why not. We know the views of the Cons, but your party is constantly talking environment so let us here your views please don’t just hide.

  2. Another climate change puppet! Idiot, I’ll be laughing when the Sault boots you! When you were my alderman you didn’t give a shit, so what makes that different now, clown!

  3. Sounds like they are going to make everyone have flood insurance, plus what do they mean when they say they are going to ensure Canadians have access to energy efficiant appliances? We already have access just not the means to buy them.

    • Carol Ann Bean do you know how much ontarians are paying in interest on our debt daily? With that said come back and say that again… if you do, you don’t deserve to vote!

    • Lol…. We don’t need another four years of no answers, wasting money, or paying more terrorists millions of dollars while our vets are hurting.

      Carbon taxes, that are loosely based to rise to 31 more cent’s per litre. Giving millions to Loblaws for new fridges which they didnt need help to purchase. What else, oh, the nonsensical babbling from Turdo, when asked a simple question!

      The failed Pot plan, thats cost something like 50 million dollars of lost revenue. The 5.6 million dollar waste of money for that rink he put up. That no one could even really use!!!

      Him repeating the same regurgitated “answers” in the house (When he shows up) cuts, cuts, cuts, lol, yah, why could that be!? I’m not a fan of Ford, but JT is a disgrace to Canadians and our great country! My God, are you friggin serious!!?


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