Truck Crashes Into Business


Very little details are available about this single vehicle collision that involved a truck crashing into the Mortgage Centre at Gore and Queen Street just after 1 am this morning. A SaultOnline viewer sent this photo in just after it happened, prior to emergency responders arriving on scene.

Some commenters to the story were quick to point fingers at the removal of lights at the Albert and Gore intersection as being a potential cause of the accident where Matt Hicks was quick to make a more relevant statement, “Dude, there is a stop sign right on the building!!!!”. will update when more information becomes available.



  1. That building is lit up like a christmas tree. It takes someone special to crash into it. Alcohol was obviously involved.

  2. I was down there by west side the other night, me and my gf stopped at the stop light a guy right beside us in his truck went right threw the red light. I’ve seen it a lot more at night down town where they aren’t stopping when they’re supposed to.

  3. All you hypocritical people talking about people needing to learn to drive need to go back to driving school. 95% of all you those posting on here run (even race to run) amber lights when the said light is, by law, a stop light. I could make a list of the traffic laws that all you hypocrites break

  4. Best Prt is everyones quick to assjme there was no lights yet yoj can see the stop lights in the picture. And the article states it was at gore and QUEEN streets.

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