University of Guelph offers online pot-growing course


GUELPH, Ont. — An Ontario university is offering an online course to teach people how to grow better marijuana.

The University of Guelph says its cannabis production course begins next week and is already full with 60 students.

The school says the course, which costs at least $545, is part of a new cannabis specialization in the university’s horticulture certificate program.

Guelph will also offer a course in January about cannabis regulations and quality assurance.

The university says the courses will be geared to both home growers and those looking to get into the burgeoning commercial industry.

The course will draw upon the school’s research expertise and will be taught by graduate student Brandon Yep.

“This course will clarify fact from myth and provide scientifically backed information on cannabis production,” Yep said in a statement.

He said the course will include growing basics, including lighting and irrigation systems, pest and disease management, and post-harvest curing and packaging.

The course will also include discussions about botany, medical uses of the plant and the growing marijuana industry in Canada.


    • Martin excellent point … I feel like nothing would really have changed since the normal horticulture class that was part of our grade 10/11 science classes and we had the option to go deeper and even into OAC… I fail to see a real difference, unless they mean to actually do a grow based solely with cannabis

  1. Cannabis is a multi trillion dollar industry! This is awesome! Some side business and marketing to go along with cannabis/marijuana growing and now we are taking! 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

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