VIDEO: Ross Romano Updates Status of Agawa Tour Train


Ross Romano gathered with media and the public to update the city on the progress for the new Agawa Tour Train station.

With the ground broken and the first shipment of steel in place, Romano shared his excitement with the progress.

The sight, located at 83 Huron Street, will capitalize on the tourist attraction. The building will be home to an exhibit centre, micro-brewery, and an outdoor event centre.

ONNtv cameras were on location for the update.


  1. Don’t we have 3 museums and an art gallery that already draw in our tourists and display our rich culture and heritage? That was a clear slap in the face to the hard work all of these sites do and have done for the length of their operation. Thanks Ross Romano. There is also a Regional Museum and Attractions Network which works to promote not only these sites but the diversity of our history outside of just Sault Ste. Marie. I’d strongly recommend checking your facts before speaking in public.

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