Video: Third Annual State of the North Conference Held in the Sault


The Northern Policy Institute hosted their third annual State of the North Conference on Thursday at the Delta Hotel.

This conference is an annual event that brings together decision makers, community leaders, experts and innovators to explore the state of Northern Ontario from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Future North,” focusing on the future, unlike the previous two conferences, held in Timmins and North Bay, which focused on the present.

Keynote speakers (Dr. Heather Hall, Peter Bruins) and panelists (Kaella-Marie Earle, Katie Elliot, Thomas Mercier, Kevin Eshkawkogan, Trevor R. Walker, Christine Deluc) tackled issues such as: the implications of regional, national and global trends for local communities, jobs that may or may not exist in the next 25 years, opportunities to be world leaders in the 21st century and beyond and what new realities may restructure society tomorrow creating opportunities and challenges we didn’t even think of 15 years ago.

Next year’s State of The North will be held in Thunder Bay, and will be about maximizing the comparative advantages of Northern Ontario.

Watch the video above for more.