Agero Closing Sault Ste. Marie Contract Centre


Employees at the Agero Call Centre on Pim Street received some bad news Monday morning. The company announced it is closing its Sault Ste. Marie office in April 2020 .

Employees received notice this morning stating, “it was a very hard decision to close, as our business evolves, our contract centre needs, and footprint is also evolving”.

The building was a former grocery store before being transformed into a call centre 15 years ago.

It employees hundreds of full time and part time staff who provided emergency roadside assistance for various companies throughout North America.

According to an employee at the call centre, “moral is low”.

Rumours began to fly this past Spring that Agero could be closing when Sutherland, another call centre in the Sault, closed its doors and sold the building earlier this year.

Agero informed employees in Sault Ste. Marie that they will be out of work come April 30th 2020.


  1. They don’t care about their employees all they care about is money. One supervisor there the first name starts with R will get people fired if she didn’t like them. She would make up reasons to get them fired.

        • LOL oh dear you think karma has hit me. On the contrary it has not. But then that happens when assumptions are made. You see, lies are created by those who see no wrong in their own actions, or lack of action in your case. My phone often rings at home and i like to ignore it, know what mean. And the loads of evidence … I often hear my son asking if i shall answer it. Ah, but who needs to answer a call at home? Not like it’s a job or anything, eh. I wasn’t getting paid to do a job. Right? But yeah, Karma, she’s a beautiful thing. Cheers mate.

    • One final comment:

      Anyone who has, like myself, or does work at Agero, like R, knows that it is difficult to be fired from there. When it does happen it happens with cause backed by a lot of evidence.

  2. travel difficulties posed by our “remote“ location —that statement sums it all up—- we are fortunate if any business wishes to locate here and em brass them—tourism does not pay the bills in any major way —-our remote location is an ISSUE with any future employer

  3. To those upset about this story being posted, I at least believe this is a matter of high public interest and therefore the public definitely has a right to know if this city’s economy is dropping faster than a stone being dropped from the CN Tower!

    • This city is done for! Just look at the last 10 years.. all the local business and restaurants that have closed their doors. I started with poor management at the City’s top levels, and I’m sure anyone with a brain won’t have to think too terribly hard to figure out who I’m talkin about! It’s deterioration is grossly noticeable.. Absolutely sickening really. What kind of “stuck on stupid” thought it would be a great idea to have city taxpayers pay for Bay Street to go from a 4-lane to a 2-lane street!?? And that’s the kind dumbf**ktardedness that got us into this disaster to being with!

  4. There’s less than 200 employees left. Most have quit over the last year or two and Agero never rehired. They knew. They were just struggling to exist.

  5. Anyone that wanted to breathe fresh air and have a secure decent paying job for life should have left this town a long long time ago. It is destined to be a retirement town and nothing more if you can manage to afford the ridiculous taxes.

  6. is a work from home call center we do in bound care and inbound tech support when you go to the website put Canada keyword then there is a work from home care one apply and if you want tech support let the hiring agent know as in tech support we are having two back to back training classes it’s full time paid training from the comfort of your home

  7. They haven’t even told their emplyees. This public news report is so disrespectful to those families reading about this online rather than from the company first. How unprofessional.

    I am very sad for all those losing their livelihood.

  8. I don’t care as much about “another empty building” as I do about the employees, and their families.
    Many say “it’s just a call centre” but that call centre provided food, housing and many other spin off jobs for the city.
    Hope all find alternative work on the near future, and yes, I hope that the building space is put to good use for many more years of employment for people

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