As Liberals, NDP skirmish, Scheer sets sights on Prime Minister’s Office


OTTAWA — Election day is now just a week away — and talk has turned to what the House of Commons is going to look like when the dust finally settles.

With polls warning of a minority Parliament, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh — who insists he’s running to be prime minister — is spelling out his conditions for working with his political rivals, including Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

There’s only one party with whom Singh says the NDP will have no truck or trade: Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives.

For his part, Scheer has moved past Oct. 21 and is painting a portrait of himself inside the Prime Minister’s Office, detailing what the first 100 days of a Conservative government would look like. He’ll take that message to Winnipeg today.

Trudeau, meanwhile, is telling anyone who will listen that the only way to prevent a Conservative government is to vote Liberal.

He gets underway today in Windsor, Ont., before making his way through southwestern Ontario. Singh is lingering in B.C., hoping to maintain the momentum he’s been enjoying since last week’s debates.


  1. With the parties on the left divided, the right walks right in to claim title and summarily destroy Canada.this is how the US got stuck with tRump… one 3rd party candidate in one state (Wisconsin) sucked enough votes away from Hillary to cost her the state electoral votes and the election. Don’t do it Canada … you will have immediate buyers remorse.

  2. MR. FATA… put out the same drivel during the Ontario election. You said Mr. Ford was the answer to our problems. Do you still feel that way? If so…why?

    • Absolutely bee !! To be honest, I would have preferred a different Conservative leader but none the less, we, who worry about tax dollars, budgets and common sense when it comes to endless, wasteful spending. People like you think there’s a bottomless pit of taxpayers money at Queen’s Park & Ottawa. Drivel, you say ?? You sir are most definitely no Albert Einstein, I’m quite sure.

  3. You fear mongering people out there are priceless !! The WORSE case scenario is a liberal/ndp coalition !!! The fed/prov liberals have thrown you over a $Trillion dollar debt !! Now, throw in the ndp, with their la-la land dreams where everything is free, the catastrophic cliff is right around the corner. Unless you are a bureaucrat, living off the taxpayers’ dime, a welfare recipient, the 1% who can weather the liberal/ndp disastrous storm, the rest of you are in BIG trouble. If you’re making over $20 million, you’re probably already moving your money & your investments out of Canada. Those people that you lefties love to hate are the ones who give you private sector workers a pay check. ie. Let’s see – no more pipelines !! Well, Tenaris workers, esp. the young ones, starting looking for another job, most likely out of SSM. In fact, all you blue collar workers out there across Canada ……. good luck to you !!
    Look, the liberal/ndp will increase the debt well over $1 Trillion. Some of you lefties no doubt think, when you max out your credit cards, you can simply declare bankruptcy. Canada can’t do that. Let’s wake up people. Oct. 21 is 1 week away.

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