Bring Your Signs, Bring Your Flags


Reduced funding to schools has meant layoffs for education workers, meaning, among other things, 50,000 fewer courses for students. Cuts to post-secondary funding have forced some students to drop out of universities and colleges. Cuts to public health hurt Ontarians, and under the Conservative government’s changes to health care, more people are forced to endure hallway medicine. On October 16, the Premier refused to take action to improve health and safety for temp agency workers, opting instead to arrest eight peaceful protestors who were demanding he enact an already-passed piece of legislation.

The conservatives have proposed to limit compensation increases for public sector workers in every sector including: healthcare, long term care,all levels of education, social services, municipal services and more.  While Deputy Ministers receive a 14% raise the Pc’s are holding workers to 1%.

Monday, October 28,  workers and communities are coming together to demand that the government fully fund public services like health care, education and child care, act to improve health and safety in all workplaces and for all workers in the province. Stop cancelling services for Ontario’s most vulnerable, respect collective bargaining rights, and start to take meaningful action on the climate emergency. Lets remind the government we’re not going away we demand a fair Ontario for all.

Join us at Pc Mpp Ross Romano’s Office from 4-5:30 Monday Oct.28th, Bring your signs. Bring your flags.


  1. Why would I want to go stand out in the cold and possible rain carrying a sign to help overpaid workers. Ross was elected by the people, the democratic way, so wait for the next election and stay home and keep warm.

  2. Written by “Content Team”

    “Join us”

    This an oversight, or is saultonline basically admitting to not being an objective news source?

    And people would why no one trusts the news these days -_-;

  3. Get a job elsewhere if not happy. Bunch of overpaid, overperq’d, overvacationed, overpensioned, underworked whiners

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